Meal Plan – Pizza, Pasta, Burgers

Last fortnights meal plan ended up being a bit of a bust. Elliot and I ended up visiting my grandparents for a couple of days and so we didn’t cook dinner at home those nights. But it’s all good, because now those meals have been switched to this fortnight.

Bloke Beef Beer and Mash

A flow over from last fortnight and one I can’t wait to sink my teeth into. From the pages of Sarah Wilson’s Simplicious (pg 206), it’s a great one for the left overs.

Creamy Chicken and Pumpkin Bake

Jay randomly bookmarks recipes that he likes the look of and when meal planning gets a bit much for me, and we sit down to do it together over a glass of wine he pulls out some of these new suggestions. There’s a few of those this fortnight and this is one of them. Yummy!


I mentioned last fortnight that I was going to make gnocchi, but this was one of the meals that I didn’t make, I’m desperate to give it another go!

Homemade Pizza

We haven’t had homemade pizza since we were at Wollangarra, and I’m really looking forward to it! What are you favourite on hand pizza toppings?

kale, pumpkin and feta pizza

Veggie Burgers

Having these veggie patties in the freezer is brilliant. Pick up some freshly bake bread rolls, chuck in some salads and you have a lush, “take away” easy meal!

veggie burger

Chinese Meatballs

This is another meal that Jay had come across and saved onto his iPad, it looks delicious!

Sausages and Veggies

We’ll gert some delicious gourmet sausages from the butcher, steam up some broccoli, beans, carrots and maybe make some mash. Perfect quick and easy dinner!


Jay’s dahls are the best and we’ll whip up some yummy chapati or M’smen breads to have with it. Makes for fantastic leftovers too.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

This is one I’ve been working on perfecting and I can’t wait to share the delicious recipe with you!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fortnights meal plan and it’s offered up some inspiration for you.

4 thoughts on “Meal Plan – Pizza, Pasta, Burgers

  1. Oh yummy Clare- off to check a few recipes! Did you get any further with the Sweet and Sour Chicken? I would be keen to check the recipe? Leah X

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