Meal Planning – Winter Warmers and a birthday

This meal plan is a little late for me. Usually I do it every second Thursday but as we didn’t get home from Wollangarra until Sunday, I just did a shorter one on Monday morning.

It’s full of hearty slow cooker meals and a treat of bought Mexican for Jay’s birthday.

Chicken and Coriander Curry

Jay found this one and was keen to give it a go. I’m stoked because we’re just about to pull of the coriander out of the garden so this’ll use up the last of it and I don’t have to cook dinner that night!

Double Decker Taco Supreme

When I worked at Wollangarra, all those years ago, one half of my director (boss) was American. His favourite meal to treat the staff with was ‘Double Decker Taco Supreme’. Where you get a soft tortilla, smear hot refried beans over it then stick a taco shell inside that and fill it right up with all the best Mexican toppings. I introduced Jay to it a while ago and I thought it’d be a nice birthday treat for him.

Roast Vegetable with Rice and Quinoa

When we stayed at Wollangarra we had one of our dear friends come with her little boys to visit. She cooked dinner one night and Jay was the first to say, “We need to do this when we get home.” So for this dish we’ll be roasting any veggies in the crisper, cooking some brown rice and quinoa, and adding any greens we can pick from the garden, topping it with a good squeeze of lemon juice.

Baked Potatoes

I fell in love with Sarah Wilson’s Sweet Potato Nachos (Simplicious pg 230) so now I use that as my inspiration. I bake what ever potatoes we have at home, I usually make coleslaw, top it with which ever other toppings we have available, in this case we will use left over shredded chicken from the Double Decker Taco Supreme, and even the refried beans too.

Steak and Kidney Pie

Speaking of Sarah Wilson’s Simplicious, I’m going to try the Steak and Kidney Stew with Herby Dumplings (pg 194) this fortnight. I’ve never cooked with kidney’s but I’m looking forward to trying this and anything that goes in the slow cooker is a winner in my books.

Bloke Beef ‘n’ Beer With Mash

Another one straight from the pages of Simplicious is this delicious ‘pulled’ beef. We’ve cooked this one before and I although Sarah says to use parsnip as the mash I like adding any root veggies we have and mashing them all together.

Veggie Burgers

These are coming straight from the freezer. The recipe in the link makes a large amount, probably about double what we need for a meal, so we freeze half to save for another time. I might pick up some bread rolls, or just serve them open. I’ll see how I feel on the day. But we will top them with homemade tomato sauce, pickled beetroot and any salad bits that are in the fridge.

veggie pattie

Lamb Shanks

Instead of the heavy tomatoey meaty lamb shank stew that I usually make, served atop of polenta, I thought i’d make more of a soup/stew with just a small amount of meat and a big amount of veggies. I’ll chop up a heap of veggies, add some pasata, some yellow split peas and some barely and serve is just as is. I think it’ll be delicious!

Pumpkin Gnocchi

I few weeks ago I made gnocchi for the very first time. I was totally intimidated, but it turned out to be easy and oh so delicious. Once I have mastered it, I’ll share the recipe with you. I just serve these morsels of divinity with a sage and burnt butter sauce.

Pumpkin Parmi

During eggplant season I love to make eggplant parmi’s, crumb the eggplant, shallow fry, top with a delicious red sauce and some cheese and then stick it under the grill. Now seeing as there is so much pumpkin about I though it’d be a great idea to try a similar thing but with pumpkin. I’ll let you know how it goes.

There’s this fortnight’s late meal plan, I hope it helps you out and gives you some inspiration of some recipes you may not have thought of.

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