Photo Journal – Wollangarra

chicken coop wollangarra chickens in the sun wollangarra composting toilet free-style frozen wollangarra garden bed gardening gloves icy brassica icy wollangarra licking the bowl wollangarra sourdough sourdough wollangarra starry nights Wollangarra swimming hole wollangarra tool shed toolshed wollangarra veggie garden wollangarra wollangarra homestead through trees wollangarra homestead wollangarra kitchen smoke and shower wood shed yeasted bread

yeasted bread • icy mornings • sunny days • long drop toilets • chopping wood • slow days • wood fired oven • feeding chickens, ducks and sheep each morning • homemade jam thick on toast • cask wine • read 5 books • long dark nights • stars • clear skies like you’ve never seen before • outside showers in the rain • huge veggie garden • constant inspiration • one swim in the icy river (it took my breath away and my legs went red) • re-learning sourdough • quality time spent as a family • talks of the future and big dreams • slow focused days • thoughts of sustainability, rubbish, awareness and current cultures

There will be more Wollangarra posts over the next few weeks. Thank you for sticking with me while I went off grid, it was wonderful for our family and each of us as individuals. It’s actually been quite the adjustment coming back.

8 thoughts on “Photo Journal – Wollangarra

  1. It looks stunning. I’m not sure I would have the capability to do that much work or be THAT offline, but stunning nonetheless.

  2. Wonderful photos, the night sky is simply amazing. I would never tire of stargazing there! We went camping to Lawn Hill when the kids were young, the night sky there was also crystal clear, you could track satellites moving through the night sky. It’s something we miss in the city. Were you still there for the full moon? That would have been amazing.

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