6 Top Tips of Op Shopping Success

I love to go op shopping! I think I visit an option every couple of days. My wardrobe is 80% from thrift stores, 10% from friends cast offs, and 10% new (mostly underwear etc). Our house is furnished  with theft store finds, and some expensive one off pieces.

So I wanted to share my top tips for op shopping success with you. I recently filmed a short video on YouTube (You can subscribe to my channel here) on this as well, check it out below.

1. Shop Colours That You’re Attracted To

I love when I walk into an opshop and find that all the clothes are organised in colours. In fact I prefer this to clothes being organised by size. I’m always attracted to black, white, grey and patterns in those colours, so I look at those sections first. My purchases aren’t always defined by size.

2. Aim to find good quality fabrics

This point is something I’m most focused on when I’m buying shoes. I always try to look for leather shoes and I’ve had a couple of great wins. But it’s also a great one to remember when you’re browsing the clothing, silk and wool are fabrics that I always keep a look out for.

3. Shop the store

Don’t just look for clothes. You can find great kitchen items, beautiful plates, jugs, vases. You can find books, furniture, toys etc.

4. Don’t forget to try things on

If I’m not in a trying on mood, or I have Elliot with me, I look for homewares. I want to be able to try jeans on. The point of opshopping is not just to buy everything, you still want to buy beautiful curated pieces that are flattering and make you feel good about yourself.

5. Visit regularly

I know not everyone is able to go to an op shop daily but I recommend going as often as possible to you local op shop. This way you can recognise new items that are introduced to the store.

6. Persistance and patience

This is about visiting regularly as much as it is about not buying crap because you’re there. It’s ok to walk out empty handed.

Do you love opshopping? What are you tips for a great optioning experience?

6 thoughts on “6 Top Tips of Op Shopping Success

  1. All great tips! I spent $13 at my local op shop today – shared a pic of my finds on IG/FB if you are interested (Middle Aged Mama). I visit my local every couple of weeks, some days (like today) are great, other days I came home empty handed, but it’s always fun!

  2. I completely agree! I love that if I’m looking for black pants I can just march straight over to the black pants section.. then waste all the time I saved by dawdling over kitchen wares.

    My biggest tip is to not let the price fool you! I always ask myself, ‘Would I buy this if it were $50, not $5?” Or perhaps $150. Don’t compromise on quality, beauty and fit because of a bargain.

  3. I’m a huge fan of the op-shop. In fact, I blogged about it recently too. I think it’s not just about the bargains, but about the thrill of the hunt! Great tips 🙂

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