Two Weeks Off The Grid

Tomorrow we’re packing the car up and heading away on holiday. We’re off on a two week get away. Lovely at this time of year you say, where are you headed, Bali, Queensland, somewhere hot and tropical you would assume?

Nope not this year, and not us.

We’re off to housesit at a school camp I used to work at. I’ve talked about Wollangarra in a few posts before, only sharing tidbits of what it was about.

Like I’ve said before, I went and worked there the year after I finished school. I had the job before I’d even finished my VCE exams, so soon after new years I was loading all of my belongings onto the flying fox. I spent an incredibly tough but rewarding year there, that has undoubtably shaped me for the rest of my life.

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Wollangarra is a bit different from the school camps that most people know any love. Firstly, the only way you can get in or out is via a big platformed flying fox. You can fit four sitting on it, and you carry all your groceries, packs, sheep etc over it.

Secondly, there’s no electricity. There’s gas lanterns as lights, the fridge runs of gas, and all the cooking and hot water is via fire heaters.

The cam is remote, if you hadn’t guessed already and one of the things I am both looking forward to and daunted by is that there is no mobile phone reception. I’m daunted because I want to be able to share my off the grid experience with you. But you’ll have to wait until we get home for that.

I can’t wait to sit and enjoy the silence, read books and spend the days keeping fires going out of necessity.

I have blog posts scheduled while I am away and there will be newsletters going out to my subscribers (so you should definitely sign up so you don’t miss out), but I won’t be on social media, except for the rare occasion that we head into town for a wine or food top up.

I hope you have  lovely couple of weeks and I’ll chat to you when I get back.

Clare xxx

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  1. Have a wonderful time, it’s sounds like bliss to me. We are working towards our goal of one day living off grid, I know it’s not for wimps but it can be done. Have fun and stay warm.

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