Meal Planning – Vegetarian Fortnight

I’m starting to really enjoy the meal planning process. I enjoy finding delicious meals to look forward to all fortnight, finding new dinners that I haven’t cooked before and actually using all those recipes that sit on the bookshelf in the kitchen.

We had a very meaty fortnight last fortnight, so I decided to have a meat free fortnight, except for a couple of meals that are still left over from last fortnight.

Vegetarian Lasagne

I’ll use my best ever lasagne recipe without the mince and add more vegetables. This is such a great mid-week meal, because it makes wonderful leftovers.

The Life of Clare lasagne


I love making risotto. It’s my last minute rushed lazy meal, I use whatever veggies we have in the crisper, and whatever herbs I can pick out of the garden and voila! Delicious, family friendly, easy meal.

Pumpkin Korma

We’ve discovered this one in Emma Galloway’s A Year in My Real Food Kitchen* cookbook and have cooked it a heap of times. It’s so deliciously warming, perfect for this time of year.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

This is one of the carry overs from last fortnight and I am so looking forward to it.

Vegetable Stir fry

I’ve had a packet of egg noodles in the pantry for months, so thought that it was perfect timing to have a stir fry. This’ll be a very “wait and see what is left in the crisper” stir fry, and it’ll be delicious.

Vegetable Soup

I tend to chuck a bunch of finely chopping vegetables, some cabbage, a tin or two of tomatoes, some barley, a couple of bay leaves and vegetable stock into a pot and cook it until everything’s delicious and tender. It’s my perfect left over soup.

Veggie Burgers

We had a morning wedding and brunch for the reception, so that night we put on a BBQ for the remaining guests. An amazing long time friend of mine brought some delicious veggie burgers to share with everyone and now it’s my go to veggie patty recipe. Not only do these burgers taste delicious, they bring back such lovely memories for me.

veggie pattie


Another carry on from last fortnight, I’m holding out hope that I’ll make them over the next couple of weeks.


An old favourite of mine from a cookbook that my aunty bought when I was vegetarian and staying with them in Cairns. A delicious veggieful, warming and hearty dinner.

Smokey Chorizo and Navy Bean Soup

This is another from a cookbook I have at home, and with a stick of chorizo in the freezer, I thought it was the perfect time to crack out this soup.

I hope these have given you some inspiration for you meal planning, it’s always great to have some meat free time.

I’d love to hear your favourite meat free meal ideas.


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