Night Out In Geelong

Last Friday Jay and I had our first ever together night away from Elliot. Over the last two and a half years both of us had been away individually, Jay for work, me for blogging conferences etc, but never had we been away together.

Check out the video from the night at the end of the post.

We decided it was time, I knew that I needed a night off Mum-lyf. It wasn’t the night so much, Elliot is a great sleeper and goes to bed happily, it’s the mornings that I needed a break from. The 6:30am wake up, being on right away, emptying the dishwasher, feeding the chooks, the day in day out. I just wanted, for once, to be able to lie in bed and read my book, enjoy a slow breakfast, and enjoy an uninterrupted conversation with Jay.

I was reminded of a night at a hotel in Geelong that I had bid on at an auction a few months ago and I asked my parents which Friday would suit them the most. I called and booked out room and we were set. I could see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The day came and I dropped Elliot at Mum and Dad’s prior to his day nap, I was able to check in at 2pm and I wasn’t going to miss a minute of it. I caught the bus into town and Jay was going to meet me after work.

I had the hotel room to myself, I sat in silence, watching YouTube videos and eating sushi. Once Jay arrived, we got ready for our night on the town and headed to our first destination.

When we got to Union Street Bar it was so quiet I felt compelled to whisper, but I quickly got past that as we enjoyed a couple of lovely glasses of wine and the mixed charcuterie plate. The jamon was sliced so finely, the kangaroo salami was so mild in spice and flavour, and the pork and pistachio terrine was delicious and creamy.

charcuterie Union Street Wine Bar

It was funny, sitting there, able to have a conversation with Jay but yet I still wanted to check my phone and make sure that Elliot was ok.

We made our way down to Deakin University in Geelong to view our friend’s artwork at an exhibition opening. It was such a lovely way to spend some of our evening. A lot of our friends from Portarlington were there to support our friend. The pieces were thought provoking and captivating.

We said our goodbyes and ambled on to dinner. Now, I felt a lot of pressure to do the RIGHT thing when we were out on our own. Which cafe’s should we visit, where should we go for dinner, and wine, and dessert, and should we go to a movie, all the things! We got a lot of suggestions after I asked my friends on Facebook, but in the end we decided just to go to somewhere that we’ve wanted to go since it opened, The Hot Chicken Project.

The Hot Chicken Project serves Nashville style fried chicken, and is wonderfully not child friendly. There was no way we were pushing a pram into a table and serving Elliot this wonderfully greasy chicken. So we pulled up a bar stool, ordered tenders with turnip greens and ham, dark meat with chips and onion rings, and a couple of glasses of wine. Both the chicken mains are served with a pickle and a slice of white bread. I’m pretty sure the only purpose for the slice of white bread is to sop up the juices and oil from the chicken.

The Hot Chicken Project

The chicken so hot I struggled to pick it up, the chicken so moist and full of flavour that my eyes closed with joy with every bite. The onion rings were sweet, with a distinct cinnamon smell as you brought the rings to your mouth, they’d been picked prior to battering.

Southern Fried Chicken

Once our wine glasses were empty and our bellies full of chicken, we had to decide on the next move for the night. I’d been recommended Armageddon Cake, so I Googled it and found it was about 30 meters from The Hot Chicken Project. So we hot footed out of there for dessert.

Armageddon Cake was pumping! So full, cool vibes, and an amazing menu. We were asked if we had a reservation, and as we didn’t we were relegated to the communal table in the middle of the room. There was about 30 seconds of that awkward silence before conversation started flowing. We were sitting with an English couple who had lived in Geelong for 18 months, they were out on a child free night also. We sat and chatted all the while we were eating our desserts. The shared cake platter with three half serves of cake came out with all five creams and sauces. Sadly the red velvet was so dry, like it had become stale, and then frozen, the chocolate and strawberry pudding, which to me looked like cake, was warmed and served with raspberry coulis, and the salted caramel tart was so sweet.

Armageddon Cake

We finished off our cakes and then invited our new friends to come back to Union Street Wine Bar with us. While enjoying our last glass of wine for the evening we chatted, sadly I was so full that I could finished my delicious glass of sparkling.

We say our goodbyes and we made our way back to the hotel. Honestly, I felt so terribly ill when we got back to our room that I thought I was going to be sick. Meats, wines, fried chicken and cakes made for a very rich, very full belly.

The next morning I woke, early, I wasn’t surprised to see 6:30am. But I opened my book and enjoyed the quiet. We slowly made our way down to the buffet breakfast, still reading my book, and enjoyed sitting together and eating a low breakfast.

Before we headed home we did a spot of shopping, then rushed home to see our baby boy.

It was so lovely to have a night out, and a morning off. It’s really refreshed me. I think so often we mother’s feel guilty about wanting a break, these things are sometimes seen as taboo to talk about, to feel, to mention. But I know that I needed it and I know that I feel so much better for it. I can not thank Mum and Dad enough for having Elliot for the night!

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