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I wrote about how we meal plan our way not too long ago, and even since then things have changed. I’ve started planning meals every second Wednesday night or Thursday morning, prior to going grocery shopping. As you can imagine this not only saves time, but also saves heaps of money and waste. I thought I’d start sharing my meal plans with you each fortnight, to give you some ideas and hold me accountable. We still don’t allocate meals to a day because things change, so I just come up with 10 ideas for the fortnight and write them on the freezer.

Chinese Beef Cheeks

One of my favourite cookbooks at the moment is Sarah Wilson’s Simplicious. The meals are hearty, simple and oh so good. So we’ve picked these beef cheeks for a hearty winter meal. You’ll find them on page 198.

Wild Mushroom Stroganoff

We had the joy of eating this from it’s recipe creator when we went mushroom foraging with Rohan. His most recent book A Year of Practiculture is an unusual one. It’s a fabulous read, but not super accommodating for everyone to cook from. We’ve only tried a couple of the recipes because often they call for wild venison, or foraged nettles. But I’m getting right into his wild mushroom recipes. Check this one out on page 179.

Jerk Pork Shoulder

Another from Simplicious (page 222) we will shred the whole shoulder, freeze any left overs and serve with a coleslaw and fresh homemade wraps.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

I shared this recipe on the blog just before we had Elliot, it wasn’t a recipe so much as it was a mish-mash of deliciousness!

meatballs and spaghetti

Pea and Ham Soup

What better way to warm up in winter than a delicious hearty soup. Pea and ham soup is Jay’s favourite, and I love it because I can chuck it in the slow cooker first thing and forget about it!


Pizza is an absolute favourite in our house. Whether the base is sourdough or yeasted we don’t mind and then we scourer the fridge for any bits and bobs to top it. Delicious, decadent and so easy!

cut sourdough pizza

Ginger Beer and Run Beef Ribs

A recipe I recently found in my friends copy of Better Homes and Gardens and save in the Hipcook App (check out a little video I made about it here). I think I’ll serve it up with a big pile of rice and some steamed broccoli.

Pipi Pasta

Jay thought he and Elliot could do and collect some pipe’s from one of our local beaches and he’d cook them up in a creamy white wine pasta sauce. I thought that was a great idea!


I love having something super quick, simple, delicious and kind of snacky written up on the freezer. Ready and waiting for those lazy days, or following a couple of Friday afternoon wine’s or and easy one for if we have friends pop in. This gozleme covers all the criteria, and with our every growing supply of silverbeet, and being able to whip up ricotta pretty quickly it’s a brilliant back up plan!


Jay’s travelled a lot through Asia and when he spent some time in India he learnt about making dahl and chapatti bread. It’s such a delicious hearty, warming meal and we always have left overs for lunches or other dinners throughout the fortnight. Left overs are the best!

dahl and chapati

I’ve come around, I love meal planning. I love that Im cooking a lot of new meals and we get to rotate the old favourites.

Do you meal plan? What are some of your favourites to rotate through?

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  1. As an Indian, dhal was always a staple in our house, infact we had it every night! Now that I am a vegetarian, I make sure that I still get my regular dose of dhal, at least a few times a week! My other half however, hates dhal, so often I make a big batch of it, and take it to work for lunch with a couple of slices of toast! It’s perfect on a cold winter’s day!

  2. Meal planning is a 20yr habit – done ever since I was on maternity leave and we had no spare cash for anything! Those were the dreadful days before paid maternity or parental leave. I plan a week’s meals before the weekly shop. Manage to feed 4 adults ( kids now 18 & 20) on NZ $120 a week. It’s tight though. I have a dairy intolerant one and a veggie-hating one to work around too ( eye roll). Best meals are bean & beef chilli with rice, dhal & chapattis, satay chicken with rice, home made pizzas, home made burgers – minced beef with lentils.

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