In My Kitchen… June 2016

I love an In My Kitchen post and the opportunity to do this one nearly passed me by. Head over to Orgasmic Chef to check out what is in kitchens all around the world.


We’ve been buying local olive oil for some time now. Every couple of months we would pop in and pick up a 4 L drum of it. The bummer was that those tins were not only not recyclable due to being dirty, they were also unable to be reused by the olive grove because they could not check the cleanliness prior to refilling. So we got around this by cleaning out an empty wine bottle, giving it a good dry out and taking that in to get filled. Then when we get home we simply pop our oil plug thingy into the top of the bottle and Bob’s your uncle.


JJ does the most beautiful light white food styling and photography and recently began dabbling in making her own ceramics. As soon as I hear mention of an online shop, I kept a very close eye on her and jumped as soon as she said she was selling pieces. These were the first three that I had to have but my list of other pieces that I must own is growing quickly.



Jay recently stayed with a friend of ours for work. He loves food, we love food, so he sent Jay home with a box full of delicious goodies.


Jay has always been the olive preserver in our house, but this year after chatting with the lady at Lighthouse Olive Grove I thought I’d give it a crack. I can’t wait to taste this no fuss method around Christmas Time.


I love to keep all the bones from chicken roasts etc and freeze them until I have enough to make into a broth or stock. This stock is headed back to the slow cooker to become a delicious chicken soup. The recipe will be on the blog soon.


I needed a bigger bowl than anything I could possibly buy in a kitchen store. So I headed to the hardware store and bought a fabulous 20L sink bucket. It’s perfect for what I need, I like to mix up a lot of dough at once so that I can freeze loaves, give them away or eat a lot fresh with butter.


Thanks for checking out what is in my kitchen this month. Don’t forget to head over to YouTube and subscribe to my channel, and have a look at some other kitchens over at Orgasmic Chef.

I’d love to hear about your favourite thing that’s in your kitchen right now.

8 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… June 2016

  1. Curious about your bone broth. I’ve considered doing this with the bones, but always thought once something was frozen, then defrosted it needed to be consumed within 24 hours. So by rights, the bone broth from those frozen bones couldn’t be refrozen. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, because I love a good stock/broth but worry about poisoning my family.

      1. That’s great Clare – really useful to know. Will be doing this from now on – homemade stock is far superior to bought stock, so I am very happy!

  2. Ah darling! I only just got an alert about your lovely mention – I hope you’re enjoying your goodies and thank you again for the support. Just took another huge batch for a first firing today – woohoo! Loving your laundry tub mixing bowl too 😉

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