My Favourite Instagram Accounts With Under 1000 Followers

To follow on from my favourite Instagram accounts with under 500 followers I wanted to do my favourite accounts with under 1000 followers. These accounts have beautiful photos, lovely tips and tricks, or wonderful interaction with their community.

1. Sustainably Vegan

Emmy shares her amazing journey as a zero waster merging environmentalism with veganism. She is always happy to share her zero waste tips, her meat free journey and ways to help the environment. On her YouTube account she shares clever videos with fantastic zero waste tips.

sustainably_vegan instagram

2. The Yum Life

My mouth waters when I see Alexa’s photos come up in my feed. Her food styling is on point, but it’s lovely to see some hilarity interspersed with her beautiful food photos. Sharing her recipes on her YouTube account in concise videos, it’s a great pairing to her instagram feed.

The Yum Life Instagram

3. Basil And Chook

Simone’s photos are beautiful in their simplicity. Chasing the light and sharing all things baking, the sneak peaks you get into her life through her Instagram photos are gorgeous. I was also lucky enough to meet Simone when she attended my first ever sourdough workshop.

Basilandchook instagram

4. Ellies Eating

Eloise’s photos constantly make me pine for the rich foodie culture of Tasmania. She shares stunning vistas, beautiful baking and mouth watering seafood photos. You regularly see photos of her kids baking wonderfully simple recipes from her self published cookbook, The Real Food For Kids Cookbook.

ellieseating instagram

Thank you for following along with the short series. I really do love Instagram, I find the photos inspirational and the community lovely. Please do check out all the accounts above and have a look at my account HERE.

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