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Almost 5 years ago the absolutely lovely Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial sent me my very first sourdough starter. I have been baking my own sourdough bread ever since. During that time I can count on one hand the amount of loaves I have bought (most were bought when we had a new born and then when we were building our house). Since then I have also started teaching others through my workshops at Little Green Corner in Geelong and sending out sourdough starter packs all over Australia.

I love sharing the sourdough love, I love chatting about it and helping out where I can, I love giving loaves to my neighbours and today I’m sharing some of that love of sourdough with you.

In this post I’ve written about how I deal with my sourdough starter to get it ready to bake with, then there’ll be follow up posts on the mixing and baking process. I also wanted to have a little giveaway to thank you for all your support over the last 4 or so years that I have been writing and sharing our journey here. There’ll be more details at the end of the post.

How I treat my Sourdough Starter:

Sourdough starter
1. I started this about 8am. Remove the starter container from the fridge. Sometimes there is the grey liquid on top, I just mix it in and go from there.

2. The sourdough starter is all stirred together and ready to go.

3. Take 1/2 cup of starter out of the container and put into a bowl.

4. Feed ‘container’ starter 1/4 cup of water and  1/4 cup of bakers flour. And feed ‘bowl’ starter 1/2 cup each of bakers flour and water.

5. Stir both well.

6. Cover container starter, making sure the air hole is open, and return to the fridge.

7. Cover bowl starter and leave in a warm spot.

I check my sourdough starter throughout the morning, usually I leave it about 3 or 4 hours, but it’s always dependent on the bubbles as to when the next feed will be.

step 2 sourdough

8. When it’s bubbley like this, I start the feeding process again.

9. Feed the bowl starter 1/2 cup of bakers flour and 1/2 of water.

10. Mix it all in well.

11. Cover and leave on the bench.

Now at this point it was early afternoon (1pm), I had two options:

  1. Mix the loaves up that evening.
  2. Mix the loaves the next morning.

The decider is the time you have and how your starter looks.

Your sourdough starter is ready to use when it looks a bit like this:

bubbly starter

If it doesn’t look like this when you’re ready to bake, feed it again and leave it a little longer.

In this instance, I knew either I’d be feeding it again around 4pm (when there would be bubble like in photo 8) and again right before we went to bed, due to the yeast running out of sugars to feed on between 4pm until I woke up the next morning OR I could leave the starter alone from 1pm until about 7pm and mix up some loaves. I decided to leave the starter get ripe and bubble and mix the loaves that night, let them rise over night and then bake the next morning.

Then it’s ready to get mixed into a loaf and rest over night and then bake. I’ll share the next steps with you next week. I hope this has been helpful.

If not:

  • Buy your starter and ebook pack here
  • Check out my easy sourdough bread recipe here
  • Here’s some Sourdough FAQ’s.

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To thank you for all of your support throughout my sourdough journey. I’ve got two packs to give away that’ll help you begin your very own soughdough journey.

Each pack contains an enamel pot, 2 dough scrapers, a copy of my ebook and your very own sourdough starter, every thing you need (except the flour) to bake your first loaf.

There are two opportunities to win:

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Terms and conditions:

The winning entries will be chosen at random. Multiple entries on Instagram are welcome as long as different users are tagged each time. The giveaway will commence Friday May 6th and the winner will be announced Tuesday May 17th.

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  1. Yay! What a fantastic prize and step by step pictorial. I follow these steps and get bread…. That’s right people, bread! So glad to have bought a starter off Clare.

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