My Favourite Instagram Accounts With Under 500 Followers

As you may know Instagram is absolutely my favourite social media accounts (closely followed by Snapchat). I love the beauty in my feed throughout the day, I often admire the skills that people can show through taking a beautiful photo, or sharing a wonderful healthy fact or chatting with their followers and developing a wonderful community.

The community on Instagram is fabulous, and because of that I wanted to do a shout out to some beautiful accounts. I’ll be doing a couple of these posts, today we’re focusing on stunning accounts with less than 500 followers. Definitely head over and show them some love.

1. Anisa.Sabet

I was lucky enough to meet Anisa at the Eat Drink Blog conference I went to last year in Canberra. Since then Anisa has been on the wild ride of becoming a new mum, and decided to open a second food focused account when her beautiful daughter started to become the focus of her Instagram feed. Her food feed is filled with beautifully styled food and travel photos. I can only dream of having a eye like her.

anisa.sabet instagram

2. The Kitchen Apothecary

I was also lucky enough to meet Sarah at Eat Drink Blog, but we’d chatted quite a lot prior because we have both done the Blog With Pip blogging course. Sarah is a naturopath and recently commented on one of my posts about how the addition of ground black pepper would increase the benefit of having turmeric in my smoothie. How wonderfully helpful! Her pictures are full of bright colours, seasonal food and fabulous healthy tips.

thekitchenapothecary instgram

3. Bobbing For Apples

Lauren’s account is full of real home cooked food, a great inspiration whenever her posts pop up in your feed. I’ve particularly loved the photo of chickpea lavosh, which I’m now determined to make and her most recent book recommendation, which I’m going to try to borrow today.

bforapples instagram

4. thebroad.bean

Bonnie’s photos are beautiful! Based in Sydney, she shares food, travel and lifestyle photos but her feed currently shows us beautiful shots of her travels through Europe. She captures simple but stunning shots that depict a gorgeous tale.

thebroad.bean instagram

These are 4 of my favourite Instagram accounts with under 500 followers. I’d love if you could head over and check out some of their photos. You can see my account here.

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  1. Great post Clare! So lovely to give a shout out and some beautiful accounts. Must put turmeric and pepper in my smoothie.

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