Elliot is 2

It’s Elliot’s birthday today. Before he was born I created a private/secret Facebook group so I could share photos of Elliot with family and friends who live far away and not flood others feeds with baby photos they might not want to see. This morning I scrolled back through the hundreds of photos that have been posted in there over the last 2 years. I have to admit, my eyes welled up. How was he ever that tiny? When could he not walk? Was there ever a point when he wasn’t ravenously hungry? And breastfeeding… oh my god! So in a completely  selfish move, I’m going to share some of those photos with you.elliot 1 elliot 2 elliot 3 Elliot 4 Elliot 5 Elliot 6 Elliot & Elliot 8 Elliot 9 Elliot 10 Elliot 11 Elliot 12 Elliot 13 Elliot 14 Elliot 15


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  1. Soooo cute! Funny how looking back they always seemed to look like themselves, but when they’re tiny we wonder what they’ll look like when they’re grown!


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