Simple Living At Its Simplest

Dear Friend,

I just wanted to write and say thank you. You are living the simple life without sharing every step of it on social media. You are living simply and intentionally, for you without needing the praise or confirmation from others. How proud that makes me and how inspired I am.

You bath your child in a bucket on your deck so as to save water to feed your fruit trees. But not only this, you know what, you child has fun with this, it’s an adventure. And what an amazing gift you are giving her to make bathing in nature normal.

bucket baths

You have a bucket in your kitchen sink and one at the base of your shower, also for water saving. And not because it’s cool, or helpful (I’m sure it’d be easier to just let the water wash away) but because you are genuinely concerned for the environment.

Your spice rack fastened to the wall behind your stove is placed there for ease use, not for beauty. And your pantry is full of whole foods in containers, not packets.

You make what you can but don’t stress about it, sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t. I’m so impressed by your intentional living. The thought you put into your days and the time you put into your family.

veggie garden


I loved ambling through your wondering vegetable garden, where things are left to grow as they wish. The survival of the fittest. No forcing, no pushing. You pointed out a pumpkin that had grown from a cutting and there it stayed.


The tv rarely gets turned on because you have better things to do with your day. You have better ways to entertain your child, and god I was impressed by your collection of home made activities. You use Pinterest as an ideas pool, not to improve your SEO.

I just wanted to say thank you for reminding me. Thank you for reminding me that the reason for doing all of this is not numbers of followers on my newsletter list, or my Instagram account. The reason for doing this is for a better life for my family and the planet. And although some of these ideas aren’t pretty, they have so much value.

Thank you my friend, what a wonderful gift you have given me.

Lots of love,


10 thoughts on “Simple Living At Its Simplest

  1. Beautiful heartfelt post Clare. I feel sometimes that there are lots of people tooting the Simple Living horn these days, with the word mindful thrown in a lot and it doesn’t feel genuine from most of them.

    I don’t get to stop by your blog as often as I would like, but I always enjoy it when I do come by.

    Have a good week/ long weekend / Easter 🙂

    Sarah xx

  2. Hi Clare first time to your blog and it’s fabulous…totally love your commitment and how you are raising your children. wish I had started the journey when my own children were young. Better late than never.

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