How We Structure Our Day With A Nearly Two Year Old

Toddler routines has been a hot topic for me recently. How myself and others structure their days with their nearly two year olds is something I’ve been particularly curious about. I love hearing how others do it, and I’m always happy to share our day with anyone who asks.

We’ve always been big into routine since Elliot came along, and I honestly believe it’s for the best, which I suppose is obvious as we wouldn’t be doing it if we didn’t think it was the best. He knows what’s coming, he knows what’s expected of him and well, it just works for us.


J’s alarm goes off around 5am and he heads off to work, if I’m lucky I’ll get to go back to sleep and rise anywhere between 5am and 6 am, Elliot follows between 6:30 and 7am. We fill the mornings by going for a walk if the whether permits it, or we do an inside activity. He has breakfast almost as soon as he wakes and then will have a second breakfast about an hour after that. Elliot will often play with the Duplo while I pack snacks and the various paraphernalia that we need for our morning outing. Sometimes I also use this time to bake or start on dinner.

9am – 11:30am

We go out each Tuesday to Friday mornings (we don’t do an activity on Monday’s as J doesn’t work Monday’s), usually from about 9am until 11:30am we are out of the house. The activities include the community Playgroup, music at the Neighbour Centre, a friend organised playgroup and Occasional Care.


We arrive home about 12 and Elliot has lunch and then does a quiet activity before his nap.

1pm – 3pm

He still naps (THANK GOD!) from 1 pm until 3 pm, and this is the time I use to blog, write, photograph, bake, edit videos, fold washing, vacuum, clean the bathroom, tidy the house etc.

3pm – 4pm

The two hours pass quickly and I open his door and allow him to wake with the noises of the house. He gets up and has a snack, while we wait for J to get home from work. The afternoon often involves outside activities, playing on the side, helping with the chickens, or other jobs that need to be done.


Often J will play with Elliot while I finish dinner, or continue working on something that I was unable to finish during nap time.


We all sit down together for dinner at 6 pm, if the tv has been turn on during the afternoon, it gets turned off now, and we chat together at the dining table. Elliot eats exactly what we’re eating and he has to wait until everyone is finished before he can go. Once we have all finished, usually around 6:30 pm, the boys go and do bath time while I tidy the dinning table and kitchen.


We sit down to watch tv for a little while and Elliot happily goes to bed at 7 pm.

Toddler Schedule

One of the best decisions we have made is that we all sit down together for dinner, it has really changed our whole afternoon/evening for the better.

When Elliot starts to get unsettled with the routine, I borrow Save Our Sleep* by Tizzie Hall from the library. I use this book as a very loose guide only, I like to see that what I plan to do is sort of on track with what others are doing too.

Elliot still doesn’t sleep through the night every night, but he settles for anyone and very quickly.

Obviously things will change as he grows, but for right now I am really happy with this daily plan, I’m not a stickler for it but I do like to follow it as it really just makes my life easier.

I’d love to hear about your day with your little or big kids. Please do leave a comment below.

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  1. My boys are now 18 and 20 Clare and they still relish sitting down as a family for dinner when they are home from University and it is something we have al ways done. I wasn’t aware until they told me that it doesn’t happen in their friends houses which is sad. So good for you making that routine for your family. All your efforts are appreciated as the kids get older. Xx

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