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Ok, so I’ve always been fairly adamant on my stand point of being anti-meal planning. But recently, I might have started to see the error in my ways. I mentioned in my In My Kitchen post that we bought a chalk board vinyl wall decal and have stuck it to our freezer. The main purposes for this was for meal planning and a grocery list.

meal planning

Now, I’m not in full-blown meal planning mode. What I’ve decided to do is continue grocery shopping the way I always have. Heading to Aldi, the whole foods, then the farmers market and finally the butcher. When I do the shopping I tend to come up with ideas of what I plan to cook throughout the fortnight. So instead of keeping that plan in my head, I’ll be writing between 10-14 ideas on the freezer. This helps for a couple of reasons:

  1. This way I won’t forget the ideas I had when doing the groceries. I can list them all, cross them off as I go, and then if the day is crazy busy I can just look at the list and see what I’ve planned.
  2. J can look on the freezer and see what we have ingredients for, and then can cook dinner.

I’ve decided that each fortnight I’ll try and find (on Pinterest) a couple of dishes I haven’t cooked before, and I’ll keep links to those recipes in the notes section on my phone. I don’t expect J to cook these.

I’m only writing between 10-14 ideas because things change, we might get take-away, get invited out for dinner, or even just decided on eggs on toast. I’ve also decided that anything that doesn’t get cooked can roll over to the next fortnight.

We tend to only have 4 meat meals a fortnight, but often I’ll buy extra meat if our budget for the fortnight allows it, and then that can stay in the deep freezer until a fortnight comes where meat money must get spent on other things.

I’d love to hear how you meal plan. Do you plan pre or post grocery shopping? Where do you find your inspiration? Do you plan for every meal of just dinner?

5 thoughts on “Meal Planning

  1. I started meal planning years ago as a way to actually use my vast cookbook collection. Then came the child, and meal planning is now my saviour. As she gets older, and busier, I find that meal planning helps ensure we actually eat properly each week. I can plan meals around late nights or other activities, or plan meals that will happily be reheated or will sit in the slow cooker until we get home. I publish my meal plan each week if you are looking for new inspiration 😉

  2. I keep a list on the fridge – love your blackboard – of half a dozen meal ideas; I do it up just before we do the grocery shop so I can pick up anything specifically needed 🙂

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