In My Kitchen… March 2016

I didn’t think there was very much happening in my kitchen this month but when it comes down to it there is always a lot happening in any kitchen. There was so much happening, that I had to do an extra ‘take’ on the video to share a couple of extra things (so do make sure to watch to the end).

There’s some great little gifts, a cute blue jug, some beautiful handmade baskets (help me pick which one to keep, leave a comment below), and I have also added a vinyl blackboard decal to our freezer door. This is for meal planning, any groceries we might need and any other notes etc. There’s a meal planning post coming Wednesday.

Something that we have recently added to our kitchen, that I think is so important, is a rectangle bucket to our sink. I was lucky enough to find a perfect fitting bucket at our local dollar store. I think it’s a 5L bucket, and throughout the day, completely through completely incidental tap usage the bucket fills and I empty it onto our fruit trees no less than 5 times. It’s shocking to see how much water we were carelessly wasting.

I’d love for you to check out some of the other in my kitchen posts at Orgasmic Chef. And let me know below what you think of the bucket, which handmade basket I should keep and What fun things are happening if your kitchen this month.

8 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… March 2016

  1. I love the bucket idea and I’m going to look for one for my sink. Often I think of the waste when I rinse the dog’s bowl or washing leeks or celery.

    Raspberries for $2 ??? They’re $5.99 up here!

    I’d use the big bag for seasoning packets or spice packets.

  2. Yes $2 for raspberries so cheap!

    I have 2 baskets in the bigger size one for my adult colouting book and pencils and the other has my sewing bits and bobs in it. They are very handy in deed

    Thanks again for the video version of in my kitchen šŸ™‚

  3. Clare – A couple of years ago when in Stockholm, cloth baskets like yours were everywhere. I bought a smallish one which was red on one side and cream on the other: totally reversible. I love it and use it for fresh popcorn and for bread rolls or small baguettes and sometimes with the edge rolled over. Good for picnics too! I think they are so stylish and decorative but best of all they’re light, washable and pack up to next to nothing.

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