Bacon Wrapped Sambar

Last weekend we packed up the car, drove for 4 hours and enjoyed a lovely weekend in Mansfield. We were staying with a friend of mine from Uni, we once lived together, who have become friends of ours and happened to get married and pop out a baby about the same time as us.

There’s 8 weeks-ish between the kids. They played so well and Elliot is still talking about his new little friend. Over the weekend we ate delicious food, drank too much wine (responsibly of course), we went for a walk around the paddocks and I learnt how to knee board.

Suz and I also had some fabulously real and honest conversation about how much it can suck sometimes being a mum, we talked about sending kids to day care, going back to work, about valuing our work and ourselves, about counting housework as our job, but also as something that should be shared between partners, we talked about how often when the dad stays at home there is a completely different set of standards and on and on the conversation flowed. I wrote a post on Instagram about some lessons that I learnt while we were up there.

I’m the kind of girl that wants someone to make themselves at home when they come and visit, put the kettle on, help yourself etc, and therefore this is how I act at others houses.

Suz had organised a beautiful dinner for the first night, pork roast and roast veggies, so good! And then suggested we have a go at cooking at Sambar (Deer) leg roast that they were given from a friend who hunts for the second night of our stay.

After defrosting the leg, it was rubbed in pork fat from the night before and then finally wrapped in bacon.

The roast was so delicious, not gamey at all, and with all the pork flavourings, was slightly reminiscent of a pork roast. We served it with homemade chips, crumbed egg plant and tomato and onion pie.

What a lovely weekend it was, the roast, the chats, the clarity and the learning. Do you remember having a moment of clarity like this?

Sambar pork fatsambar bacon wrapped bacon wrapped sambar sliced Sambar

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