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This week J and I will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary, so much has changed over the last 4 years, but one thing that hasn’t is our love for a delicious, glamorous, fancy dinner (you can see our first anniversary here, and our second here, and apparently I didn’t write about our third).

In November we saw Little Green Corner post a pic on Instagram that they would be hosting a four course degustation menu with drink matching, in partnership with Ravens Creek Farm on February 19th. With our anniversary being February 25th, we jumped to booking and promptly forgot about it.

As the day neared, we realised we needed a baby sitter, Mum and Dad to the rescue.

Finally the day was upon us, we got the public bus into town, upon noticing we had some time we hotfooted to Union Street Wine bar. We’d heard wondrous things about this funky bar, and as we walked down the dodgy alley, we heard the excited chatter from the wine bar customers.

meat slicer union street wine bar

The wine was divine, the bar cool and the staff lovely. Huge shoutout to Georgie, who took the time to talk to us about their gorgeous vintage meat slicer, and how her boyfriend, Sam (who was serving us cocktails at Little Green Corner later that night) had made a duck prosciutto.

We made our way to Little Green Corner and were seated with some fabulous foodies from the Bellarine Region, the lovely Georgie (who once cooked at Vue Grand and is now on a exciting new adventure with Pretty. By Georgie), her mum and the gorgeous ladies from Elkhorn Roadhouse.

We started with a crispy, warm bitesized bread roll topped with fennel seeds, there was a half of a tomato and a half a garlic clove, the instructions we were offered from Hugh were, ‘tear the bread, rub with garlic, smoosh the tomato and slam it down.’ So, we did just that. brea tomato garlic

I tore the bread and the roll warmed the tips of my fingers, I pinched the garlic and rubbed the sliced end onto the warm roll, making sure to get it into all the cracks, put the tomato in and took I bite. I felt the juice of the fresh tomato running down my fingers. What a intriguing way to start a meal.

Hugh welcomed us all, talked about Little Green Corner’s philosophy of using local and ingredients with as little waste as possible. He introduced Hayden from Ravens Creek Farm, a small scale local producer, to talk about the meat for the evening.

Each of the four courses was paired with a drink, and we were not told the ingredients for either. The drink would be brought out and the meal would follow closely behind. We all sat and speculated the ingredients of both the drink and the meals. This encouraged us to eat slowly and deliberately, tasting individual elements and then finally trying everything together. It initiated fabulous conversation.beets and goat cheese

The first course arrived on the table and instantly we could see black berries, beetroot, baby radish, and all assumed goats cheese, then gently Chris (the chef) poured a luminescent green consomme, instantly you could smell the cucumber.

This course was paired with a light cocktail, apple cider from Blackmans Brewery and cranberry juice.

Course two began with a cocktail, sweet and a spicy hit of ginger, in the ice cube was a sprig of Vietnamese Mint, which lead perfectly on to our second course.

Vietnamese Mint Cocktail

This course, my first ever experience of tartar, filled with classic Vietnamese flavours, was divine. The crunch of the fried garlic and shallots, gave a texture to the meat, the deep fried rice paper, covered in chilli dust provided that spicy punch and the egg yolk a wonderful dressing over the skilfully chopped beef, then the lightly pickled cucumber mellowed it all out.


Minutes before the third course came out I knew what it was. The smell of perfectly cooked pork belly and crispy crackling wafted through the restaurant, I was nearly in tears as the scent caused my mouth to water. This plate reflected the perfect summer garden, pork belly served with sweet corn puree, zucchini, fresh tomatoes and paired with a Pinot Noir.

Pork belly

Our final wine for the evening, a shiraz, was served two ways, just as is and mulled. The wintery scents of cinnamon and citrus filled the air as the dessert was brought to the table. Chris explained later that although the pumpkin pie inspired dessert has a wintery feel, pumpkin is coming into its prime season right now, at the end of summer.

He matched the pumpkin parfait, with caramelised white chocolate, marshmallows, a ginger bread caramel sauce and a plum and shiraz jelly.pumpkin pie dessert

The evening was one that I will not forget in a hurry, the philosophy of the cafe is an inspiration, the company and conversation only added to the evening and the food was what dreams are made of.

I know there’s another dinner similar to this coming up, if you are a Geelong local, check out Little Green Corner’s Instagram page and please do yourself a favour and book in.

Have a look at my video of the evening below and if you enjoy it please subscribe to my channel here.

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  1. Fantastic shots and description of the night! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a great night out with fantastic food!

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