7 Zero Waste Valentines Day Ideas

Honesty, we’re not big celebrators of Valentines Day. Not only do I hate to do the ‘norm’ but I also feel as though you should share your love with your loved ones every. J and I got engaged 5 years ago on the day after Valentines Day, so even that is a testament to our lack of Valentines Day love. But I do love giving gifts and I do love the idea of homemade and zero waste. So I thought I’d share these ideas with you. Now these ideas all can have produce waste, like everything, but if you put your thinking caps on they can all be zero waste gifts, promise.

1. Gift a potted plant

The idea of giving a plant is so romantic. You could take a cutting from a rosemary bush, repot it and create a recipe card to go with it. You could gift a house plant, I mean what’s sexier than clean air and greenery in your home?

2. Stay in and cook dinner

I can’t think of anything more attractive right now than someone cooking me dinner, lighting some candles, pouring me a glass of wine AND then them doing the dishes and tidying up! Seriously, can you think of anything cuter. Cook up a pizza, top with some homegrown or local toppings and pour a fabulous glass of local wine. Heaven!

3. Make homemade Chocolates

Move past the stereotypical box of chocolates and make your own beautiful handmade chocolates to give to your loved ones.

4. Write a love letter

There is something so romantic about a thoughtful hand written letter. The art of putting pen to paper has been lost with the tap tap tapping of computer keyboards, put your love into words and pick up a pen to share it.

5. Put together a picnic

Do some research, find some divine local produce, make a dip, cut up some fruit and vegetables and add a bottle of wine and some glasses to the basket. Put the basket and your loved one in the car and take the to a secret destination. Upon arrival, lay out your picnic rug and turn off your phones. Enjoy each others company, the delicious food and being outdoors.

6. Gift an experience

There’s nothing like the thrill of bunny jumping or skydiving, but maybe you’d like to gift something a little more romantic and something the two of you could do together. How about hot air ballooning or horseback riding? Or even a gift voucher to attend a workshop to learning about making your own sourdough bread.

sourdough bread

7. Kitchen basics starter kits

Gut health and sourdough are ‘so cool’ right now, so why not gift your lover a kombucha starter kit. The pack contains instructions, FAQ, starter tea, kombucha SCOBY, organic green teabags and organic raw sugar. If that’s not your cup of tea, then how about giving the gift of homemade bread, purchase the sourdough starter kit, containing dried sourdough starter, instructions and a step-by-step sourdough instructional ebook, and make your Valentine beautiful homemade sourdough.

I love giving, and I think these gifts will put a smile on anyones dial. I’d love to hear any of your suggestions below.

6 thoughts on “7 Zero Waste Valentines Day Ideas

  1. These all sound great. We don’t celebrate the day either, but we got engaged on the 17th of few and married that same day a year later, so. We celebrate that instead. It’s the ceramic anniversary this year, which for us means a Mud ceramics dish. So lovely. And your post reminds me that your sourdough starter is sitting right here in my kitchen waiting to get started! Thank you 🙂

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