In My Kitchen… February 2016

The days are passing so quickly, days flying by me sometimes without the slightest tip of the hat in acknowledgment. I’m here, HI!!! Days end with throbbing feet, and the amount of continuous hours spent on my feet I care not to think about.

Running! I feel as though I spend the day running. But how satisfied I am by the ticks on the to-do list. The never ending to-do list, more things being added than crossed off. And some things live there for weeks on end, and I wonder if it’d be sad to remove it, that maybe it’s started to form relationships with some of the other items and that maybe it feels at home there.

In My Kitchen feb 2016

In my kitchen this month crept up on me, as I’m sure it did to others. As I’ve been doing, I shared another video on Youtube. I’ve set myself a little goal this month, to share a video a day. I won’t be sharing them all on the blog so if you’ve been enjoying the videos then please do head over to youtube and subscribe (you just need to have a Google/Gmail account to log in to Youtube). I’ve got a few ideas and if there’s anything you’d like to see in video form please do let me know in the comments below.

I love a sneak peak into others kitchens and if you do to head on over to Orgasmic Chef to look into kitchens all around the world.

Now without further adieu, here’s my video for this month.

2 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… February 2016

  1. I hate throwing away fallen fruit. I have a white peach glut at the moment – the lovely Giulia over at Love at every bite has offered to make some jam with my overflow and I’ve been whipping up some white peach crumble muffins.

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