Top 10 posts of 2015

Although I wrote an In My Kitchen post on the January first, I’ve had holidays since then and I feel as though this is my first post for the year. I’ve felt a little uninspired to get into blogging this year so I thought I’d start with a top 10 for last year.

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Now without any further adieu here is the top 10 posts published on The Life of Clare in 2015.

10. Fruit Chutney Pulled Pork Slidercoleslaw with pulled beef

9. Nepalese Momosour homemade momo

8. Meat Reality DayRohan meat reality

7. Sweet Lemon Scrollslemon scroll

6. 12-ish ways to use applesapple recipes thelifeofclare

5. The Best Lasagne EverThe Life of Clare lasagne

4. Falafelfalafel with tabouli and yoghurt

3. Vanilla Ice Creamvanilla icecream

2. Katherine Sabbath inspired birthday cakecake katherine sabbath inspired

1. DIY Reusable beeswax food coversDIY beeswax food covers

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the beeswax covers were the top viewed post that was published in 2015. However, the real most popular post of 2015 was Grandma’s Apple Slice.

So, here a special mention to Mary, thanks Grandma.

Grandma's Apple Slice

I’d love to know which was your favourite post on The Life of Clare in 2015, and if you write a blog what was your favourite post from your blog? Please leave me links in the comment section below.

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