In My Kitchen January 2016

Happy New Year!

Did you have a nice NYE? We had a lovely evening at home with some friends, a BBQ and a few bubbles (the alcoholic kind). Everyone had kids and so we were alone by 11:30, tidied up a little and watched the Sydney fireworks on the TV, while listening to the illegal ones people were letting off all around town.

I’m sharing my In My Kitchen post via video again this month. I’m really enjoying this format, I hope you are too, please do let me know what you think of these videos. I put up a video of our Christmas Day too, you can check it out here if you’re interested.

I was so excited to receive some beautiful gifts for Christmas, which I’m sharing with you, as well as some products that I’ve been gifted from 4 My Earth*. Rebecca sells eco friendly and unique products that aim to help you reduce the use of plastic wraps and bags. The products are beautiful and long lasting.

What better to give a foodie for Christmas than cookbooks. This year I received two, quite different ones, Natural Harry and Simplicious.

Natural Harry is written by a local to my area, it’s a plant based cookbook, with a lot of raw goodies. And Simplicious is written by non other than Sarah Wilson. It’s all about using what you have and keeping things simple. Both have really gotten me thinking about food, where is comes from, when we should eat different things and what ‘diets’ we should be putting our focus into. I go more into this in the video, it’s a bit of a longer one, but stick it out and I’d love to hear your opinions.

Thank you for watching/reading my In My Kitchen post, please head over to visit Maureen and Orgasmic Chef to have a snoop into other kitchens around the world.

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26 thoughts on “In My Kitchen January 2016

  1. I love your videos. I smile from beginning to end.

    I can’t wait to get a few of those bread bags. I’m sick of big disposable plastic bags. Your idea for the nylon bag as a hand washer is brilliant. I have heard you can make scrubbies out of them but all I ever did was tie it in a knot. 🙂

  2. Hi Clare, I am new to your blog but I must say, after watching your video, I am really going to like visiting the blog. I am going to investigate those bowl covers and I love the bread bag too. I am a newbie with sourdough baking but seem to be having success with my loaves so far. Fingers crossed that that continues.

    Cheers for now,

    Joolz xx

  3. I am an advocate for simple food and a simple kitchen and know all too well about how complicated we can make things, it has been a journey which is continuous.
    The way I found my direction was to make goals focused on what my family’s health needed, what they enjoyed eating and adapted recipies to be based on wholefoods. Each week we try at least 2 new dishes and they either pass to go into our family favourites cookbook or not….
    It is overwhelming, but choose one achievable goal.
    My main goal this year is to feed our family (4) an organic diet on $200 per week….. We are omivores : )
    Blessings for your journey ahead, and Nutella, I suspect, has nano particles…..

  4. Great video Clare for #IMK & Happy New Year to you & your family. I saw the Natural Harry cookbook when I was in a specialty shop in East Geelong before Chrissy – it looks like a fantastic, healthy paddock-to-plate cookbook. That’s a great idea for you & your little veggie garden going forward – teach us city folk how to grow, crop, get the best of our veggie patch and cook/use the produce you grow. I love the idea of all natural produce in our bellies 🙂 x

    1. I’m so glad people are liking the videos! I think the Natural Harry cookbook is just beautiful and I was so grateful to receive it as gift, but I honestly won’t be making too much out of it. It’s just not really me.

  5. “Stuck the teaspoon in for a taste” of Elliots Nutella- love it. Nothing like gathering and drying your own seeds. We use a similar produce bag and food covers, love ’em. Thanks for the look inside your kitchen.

  6. A different view of IMK but a lovely vlogg. You could use the nylon bags as a salad wringer too if you just line it with a tea towel inside and place the washed salad leaves inside – the simply hold it by the open end and spin in in your hand! We used them as soap holders back in the early 80’s in Poland. Happy 2016 Clare!

  7. Claire, what a joy to SEE and HEAR you and your IMK-related thoughts in your video. I liked the title, too: “brainwashing.” So many of our food purchases in the past were the result of “advertising” (clever folks), but we’re a much more well-informed bunch now. Keep up the good work, informative videos, and your first-hand recommendations! Here’s to a simpler, healthier, sustainable life in 2016. Happy New Year!

  8. Love your videos…have been playing with the idea myself 🙂 What great bowl and plate cover…perfect for cutting down disposable plastics! And the bread bag is greatas are the cookbooks…perfect for inspiration!

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