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I don’t like going shopping. Being in shopping complexes is a soul sucking experience. Living down on the Bellarine Peninsula is a bit of a treat, we’re just far enough from Geelong that the hustle and bustle of the ‘city’ is lost on us country folk and we just go about our days in peace. I save all of my ‘town’ jobs up and try and get them done in one long, painful, busy day.

Now this is bad at any time of year, but in the week leading up to Christmas it’s a bloody nightmare! I had a couple of things I needed to get, something I needed to return and was meeting my Mum and Aunty for the annual ‘Christmas Meeting’. You know the one where you organise who is bringing which food?

creamy soda

Well things we’re going pretty smoothly but then the one thing that I was specifically looking for could not be found anywhere, I searched near and far (within the one complex) and it couldn’t be found. People were rushing around, getting their pre-Christmas angry on, by the time I got to lunch I was shaking and so tightly wound.

Thankfully Little Green Corner is a place of serene amidst the madness of Christmas shopping. Welcomed by Hugh from behind the coffee machine, he came over and helped me move two tables together. I sat and ordered the homemade cordial, today was the earl grey creamy soda ($6).  Then started to make some phone calls, still searching for this one particular gift. This is the way shopping should be done.

earl grey creamy soda

The creamy soda was not what would would expect of a creamy soda, the flavour sort of caramely with a slight tea finish, such a wonderfully refreshing drink.

Little Green Corner prides itself on being local and seasonal, even accepting produce from locals backyards in exchange for coffee. This philosophy excites me to no end, but with Elliot, I rarely get the chance to eat there (but do get to spend time there when doing my sourdough workshops). I sat, quietly, happily waiting for my lunch dates.

I perused the four options on the chalk board menu. Today the options were; zucchini hot cakes, dutch carrot salad, asparagus and bean risotto and a shredded beef burger with sweet potato wedges. I’d decided on the burger before anyone else had even arrived. I had also found what I was looking for over the phone and it was now on hold in a shop on the other side of Geelong. Talk about relaxed!

burger Little Green Corner

Between the 4 of us, my Uncle came too, we ordered two risottos ($17 ea) and two burgers ($19 ea).

asparagus and bean risotto

We sat and talked Christmas lunch menu, dessert, times, attendees. We chatted about family, shopping, present buying and gift making. It was a lovely unstressful bubble, a stark contrast from where I had been just moments before.

Little Green Corner burger Lunch little green corner lunch

What I lovely way to spend a lunch. Little Green Corner is closed for a break from 23rd December 2015 until 28th of January 2016. Hugh says they’ll be coming back with some new exciting things next year so please do take the time to check them out. There’s no better thing that a cafe that hates serving take away cups, serves seasonal and local produce and manages to do this simple food with so much style.



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