Tandoori Mahal Indian Portarlington

We’d been invited to a party.

We’re at a stage where I can leave Elliot home as he is no longer breastfed (he self weened about 15 months), and he is quite happy with almost anyone. We’d never hired a baby sitter as our family are amazing and always so happy to help with him, but this party was being hosted by a close family friend and everyone we’d usually ask to look after him would be there.

So it was time to bite the bullet and find a baby sitter. Dad had a work colleague who is local, she has a 21 year old daughter who is studying social work. We got in contact with her and asked her to pop around prior to the date of the party.

Elliot warmed to her immediately, she was super chilled out and I was very comfortable with her spending time at our house, looking after our son.

The date of the party was finally upon us, the baby sitter arrived 15 mins before Elliot’s bed time, so that he knew that she was going to be here and they had a little play. I settled him in bed and walked out the front door. We had decided to go for dinner prior to the party, so that we could utilise the baby sitting time, and actually enjoy each others company and have a conversation. Having eaten at the local Tandoori Mahal Indian restaurant before and not having the most amazing experience, we thought it would be third time lucky.

We were greeted at the door by a young girl dressed in black, ‘how can I help you’ ‘just a table for two thanks’, ‘no worries, just sit anywhere’ she flicked her hand around the room. The experience didn’t improve much from there.

We sat, perusing the wine menu and made our pick, a local Sauvignon Blanc from Portarlington Ridge, the waitress walked over, silently took our wine glasses off the table and walked away. Then stood behind the bar looking over and smiling at me.

I laughed in disbelief, and chose to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was BYO only? I’m surprised there was no query as to if we were going to enjoy a glass of wine with our dinner.

Our wine glasses seemed to be replaced with a basket containing two broken papadums. Five minutes later we were given a dipping sauce for them and minutes after followed a spoon for said sauce.

When the sauce was being delivered J asked, ‘ do you guys serve wine here?’ ‘Yup’ was the response. Finally we were able to order a glass to enjoy.

During these shenanigans we had decided on the two dishes, plus rice and garlic naan that we would share for dinner. ‘Are yous ready to order something?’

I must give them credit for our food came out quite quickly but as we started to serve it out we came to see that the curries we more akin to an Indian spiced soup with very few pieces of meat.

Tandoori Mahal Indian Portarlington

Quickly our plates became very ricey/saucey as the meat got eaten. Thankfully we were both satisfied at the end of the meal.

The experience ended with us being ignored and walking to the bar to pay for our dinner.

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