Wedding Cake Part 2

This is the second installment about the wedding cake that I baked, built, constructed and decorated.

You can see part 1 here.

We gently packed the four cakes (still wrapped in glad wrap), the 3 tubs of icing, the berries that were to be the decoration, the caramel and the crushed peanut-less brittle into the esky. I also packed anything I thought I might need to construct and decorate the cake, so I packed:

  • my mix master with paddle attachment
  • a cranked handle spatula
  • a flat spatula
  • my new cake turn table
  • boards to put between the cake layers
  • some skewers to support the top layers
  • my bread knife to level the cakes and slice the layers

Cake preparation

We jumped in the car bright and early and proceeded to drive the 5 hours to get to the wedding location. Along the way I realised that I’d forgotten two vital ingredients for the weekend. Firstly, I realised that I hadn’t packed the bra I needed to go under the dress I was wearing to the wedding. Secondly, I realised that I’d forgotten the cake board that I had bough specifically for this cake to sit upon. It was still nestled into it’s ‘safe spot’ in the spare room so that the foil didn’t get scratched.

base layer

The first problem was solved thanks to a Country Target in Myrtleford, where I purchased the perfect emergency bra for $6!

The cake board was a little tougher to fix, but after many phone calls while J was driving, and $70 I purchased this cake stand in Bright. The owner of the store was so lovely, once I had explained my situation she went through all her options that might fit a 28 cm cake and be strong enough to hold the damn ginormous thing and even text me photos of my various choices.


We arrived at the camping ground and after speedily setting up our tent, I left the boys to their own devices and drove to the wedding venue. I spent 3 very full, very serious and very nerve wracking hours constructing the cake.

I started by cutting the top off each cake, I measured 6 cm up from the base of the cake and cut it off there as I was using three 2 cm layers of cake in each tier. Following the initial leveling I cut each cake into three 2 cm layers. At this point I started re-whipping the Swiss meringue butter cream in my mix-master with the paddle blade until it was completely smooth.

I started construction with the base layer, the chocolate mud cake. Onto the brand new cake stand I did a smear of Swiss meringue butter cream to hold the cake in place, a layer of cake, a smear of caramel, a sprinkling of brittle, and a big dollop of white chocolate Swiss meringue butter cream spread evenly, all topped with another layer of cake. This process was repeated until there were 3 layers of cake and two filling layers.

Once the tier was stacked I covered it in a very thin crumb coat (this video is a great help) and put it in the fridge while I worked on the other layers.


The caramel mud cake and white chocolate mud cake construction were exactly the same but they rested on waxed cake boards that I’d cut slightly smaller than the base of the tier.

Once the crumb coat had had time to set I started on my final Swiss meringue butter cream coat. Thankfully the bride and groom we’re very relaxed, and the wedding in the most beautiful rustic venue, so I wasn’t too concerned about achieving the perfect smooth finish on the icing. Each tier was iced and returned to the fridge. Finally, I was ready for the final construction!

The chocolate mud cake base tier had 4 skewers that had been cut to a length just below the height of the icing inserted into the cake to hold up the caramel mud cake layer. I not so gracefully dumped the second tier onto the chocolate mud cake, but was able to smooth and cover any finger marks that I’d created. I didn’t use skewers in the caramel tier, so promptly placed the white chocolate tier on the top. I used my piping bag with some icing to cover any imperfections and the gaps between tiers and then put the whole cake into the fridge to set over night.

After quickly doing the dishes, I headed back to camp to join the boys for dinner at the pub.

decorated cake

Bright and early the next morning all three of us piled into the car, grabbed some take away breakfast from the bakery and headed back to the reception venue so that I could finish the decorations before heading to the wedding ceremony at 10:30 am.

Two hours of re-whipping icing, piping and placing the blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blue berries and cherries around the base of each tier and on the very top of the cake and finally the cake was finished. I couldn’t help to be proud of the finished product!

cut cake

What an adventure, what a journey, I couldn’t be happier for my beautiful friends who finally got to celebrate their relationship with their family, friends and one ginormous cake!

cutting the cake

Have you ever baked a wedding cake? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below. And definitely check out my video from the weekend.

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