Wedding cake part 1

When I baked my birthday cake I never expected that it’d result in me cooking a wedding cake. But when my friends asked me to make their cake after tasting mine, I was so honoured that I could never have said no.

cake tasting

I started researching and planning straight away. I was on the phone to the bride the next day trying to find a happy balance between her and her fiances cake desires, and then between their wants and my skill set.

Both we very happy with the flavours of mine, but wanted something a little more elegant for their big day. Karen asked for a white chocolate inclusion, and sugared berries for decoration. I suggested three different flavoured cakes, one for each tier and asked that we used fresh berries instead.

Once we’d confirmed on the number of guests attending, and decided on the size of the cake (bigger than necessary of course), I jumped to testing the cakes. I cooked one of each in the size I wanted to check for moisture, dense-ness and of course flavour.

I mostly did these test bakes to check the quantities of batter that I would need for each as I was changing the cake tin sizes from the original recipes. I cooked the same chocolate cake that I used in my birthday cake for the base but as the cake tin was 28cm I multipled the recipe by 3 and cooked it for about 2.5 hours.

The caramel mud cake was from this post, I did one and a half times the recipe in a 23 cm tin and cooked it for 1 hour and 20 mins (but do check that it’s cooked with a cake skewer).

And for the top tier, I baked white chocolate mud cake in an 18cm tin, using this same quantity and cooking time.

cut tasting cakes

Once I’d baked a test one of each I want to cut them, mostly to see how dense and strong they were, but with this much cake there was no way I was going to eat them all.

So I invited my girlfriends and their kids around and we tasted the top to tiers while drinking champagne. Both cakes goth the big thumbs up from everyone.

friends tasting

I cooked and tasted the chocolate mud cake on another occasion and it turned out perfectly as well. Now all there was to do was bake the actual cakes, wrap them well in glad wrap and freeze until the big day.

final wedding cakes

I originally only baked the white chocolate with 2/3 of the recipe but found it to be too small to create the correct sized tier so baked a second. These were in the freezer for about two weeks before the wedding.

I recommend you freeze them flat so that they don’t get dis-formed.

frozen wedding cakes

Prior to the wedding I also mixed up three batches of white chocolate swiss meringue butter cream using this recipe and adding 500gm of melted cooled white chocolate to each batch after the butter was completely incorporated. These were frozen in 3L containers and were left to defrost at room temperature over night, but still needed 20-30 seconds in the microwave before being whipped back to life. Constructing the cake I only just dipped into the third batch. But boy am I glad that it was there.

I boiled up 4 tins of condensed milk so that I was able to add the caramel between each layer, but only used 2 tins and I made a double batch of peanut-less brittle to add crunch between the layers. This was far far too much.

Transportation was easy, I just chucked it all (gently) into the esky and we did our 5 hour car ride to the wedding venue.

Part 2 of wedding cake madness is coming soon.

Have you ever made a wedding cake?

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