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Cheese tasting at Drysdale Goats Cheese. Passionately picking spinach. Enjoying artichokes straight from the garden. Baking sourdough loaves, and baguettes to share with friends. Brunch on my own at a new for me cafe. Kids Business Bloggers Brunch, won a Kambrook BlitzPro and both Elliot and I ate too much Cobs popcorn. Freezing silverbeet. Baking wedding cakes. Enjoying family time. Playing house. Doing a spot of landscaping. Enjoying mussels with friends. Listening to the rain on the roof. Delicious roast vegetable salads. Planting seeds with the help of Kyristie’s Kitchen Garden Box. Beautiful flowers. Market days.

Things have been quiet here, but real life has been full, happy and busy. My current project is to baked a friends wedding cake, and happily it’s taking most of my focus. I’m enjoying the offline life, but hopefully I’ll be sharing a little more in the coming weeks. You know you can always find me on Facebook or Instagram.

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