In My Kitchen… October 2015

The days are getting warmer, and instead of spending time in the kitchen we are spending time at the beach. We went camping for the first week of the month, camping food and champagne was the menu. During that week I celebrated my day of birth, although we had been celebrating for about four days prior to that with sky diving and a party.

In my kitchen are some beautiful gifts that I have been lucky enough to receive from the beautiful friends that I am lucky enough to have.

These glasses and silver tray are from some amazing new friends that I have been lucky enough to get to know. The glasses ‘ting’ when flicked, I can’t wait to enjoy a beautiful glass of wine in them.


This pair of stunning black mugs, also a birthday gift, were given to me to match my current black obsession. Recently, from op shops, I have picked up a black dinner set and a black tea set, that these mugs compliment beautifully. They’re also gorgeous to drink out of.


My friends know me well, a lover of tea I am. These beautiful duck egg blue pieces were from a long time friend who I don’t get to see a lot of. Every time I pour a cup I will think of her.


I’m super excited to have received a Romertopf! Celia often shares recipes she has cooked in hers and the results always look mouth watering. I’m yet to cook in it, and I haven’t picked what I will cook first but I’m looking forward to that first venture!


My benches are always covered in sourdough starter resting, or loaves rising, or sourdough starter drying, or even loaves cooling. Today there’s a combination of all four.

The weather has been so hot the last few days that the loaves I baked this morning took less that 24 hours from first feed of sourdough starter to the first slice of hot focaccia. I fed up two different batches of sourdough starter yesterday one at 80% hydration for the focaccia and one at 166% for our regular toast loaves.

I fed them 3 times throughout the day and by early afternoon they were bubbling out of their bowls.

I mixed up the loaves and when I woke this morning, the dough had risen out and on to the bench. I knew it was going to be hot today, so I started baking early.

sourdough starter

By 9 am I had 4 loaves of bread and one massive slab of focaccia. We’ll have no trouble polishing it off.


What’s in your kitchen this month? Head on over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to sticky-beak into kitchens all around the world.

24 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… October 2015

  1. Clare… skydiving for your birthday?!… WOW! (And Happy Birthday!) Your champagne & camping/beach feasts sounded awesome, too. As they say here: “That girl sure knows how to party!” ๐Ÿ™‚ Tickled to learn that you’re a “ting-er” — I’m a “ping-er” — isn’t that the most melodious sound? Still trying to wrap my mind around “one massive slab of focaccia” — I think that’s be best description of it I’ve ever heard!

  2. That bread looks amazing – never cooked my own but would like to try. I do however have a Romertopf – I love it and make a lot of different dishes in it but my favourite..plain and simple, roast chicken. Sprinked with fresh herbs and some olive oil, the meat just melts in your mouth.

  3. Those black mugs and the egg blue tea set are stunning! I’m loving the shortened proving time for dough with this warmer weather. I must try my hand at focaccia one of these days.

  4. Welcome to the world of Romertopf. Mine is unglazed inside so I donโ€™t use it for bread. Looking forward to seeing you at the end of the week ; )

    Love those mugs Clareโ€ฆ.

  5. You have a Romertopf! Hooray! And that duck egg blue (interesting name, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blue duck egg!) is soothing and beautiful. As always, your breads look amazing! xxx

  6. i too have a romertopf which we got some years ago as a wedding gift. i used it once or twice but it ended up all mouldy inside so it sits in our store room unloved. Love those black mugs and the beautiful blue creamer set. so pretty. what wondrous bread you have made!

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