Sourdough Workshop

This week I held my first ever sourdough workshop at Little Green Corner. We talked bread, flour, sourdough starter, then topped the evening off with a delicious vegetable stew, freshly baked sourdough bread and some local wines. It was a blast to meet some people who I’d conversed with online. It was also so fabulous to be able to team up with a cafe with such fantastic local and seasonal values!

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9 thoughts on “Sourdough Workshop

  1. Looks great – would LOVE if you did these in CBR. I’m coming to Melbs in March to introduce my little one to my family so hopefully can tee this up for then. xx

  2. I enrolled in an Artisan Bread class at my local Community College a few years ago. I’ve been using yeast and starters and making bread for a long time. My grandmother taught me. What I learned in the Artisan Bread class was the why of making breads and how the yeast works. Thanks for your blog and for showing the sour dough bread you made…. I enjoy reading your blog and trying some of the recipes.

  3. Hi Clare
    I listened to you on 774 today while driving from Torquay to Cohuna and enjoyed the progra.
    I just googled your website and discovered you did courses on sourdough bread in Geelong in 2015 – do you still do these? I go to Torquay about every six weeks and would love to do the course if you do.
    Do you sell the starter for sourdough?

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