In My Kitchen… September 2015

Hello! How are you? How have you been? (I’d love to hear from you, in the comments at the end of this post.) Me, I’m tired. Elliot is getting molars and isn’t sleeping. Well, it’s not that he isn’t sleeping but he moans and cries out all night and when I go into his room (so many times!), he’s asleep but making these sad noises. I feel awful for him. His days seem to be ok. He doesn’t seem to be in pain, but those nights make my heart break. I would do anything to make him feel better.

So there’s that. But it’s lovely because the days are getting warmer and September is a cool month! Heaps of fun things to look forward to. Like my 30th birthday, we’re going camping at the end of the month and I’m running my first sourdough workshop in a couple of weeks.

I’ve also been playing a lot on pinterest finding fun toddler friendly activities to do with Elliot. (Do you have any suggestions?) We keep the week days pretty full, with an activity most days. But he’s getting to the age where he needs to be entertained and as much as I love TV, I don’t want to use it 100% of this time. We made coloured rice the other day which he played with for nearly 2 hours. I’ve also got play doh, but I’m trying to come up with a way that it doesn’t get mushed into everything. Do your kids play with it on a table, on the ground, outside, inside? I’d love to know how you keep it from getting into everything. Or are you happy with messy play?

Last week I had a mini melt down. I had too many balls in the air and I just couldn’t catch them all. So my ecourse that I’ve been creating has been put to the bottom of the list. This month I’m going to focus on this here blog, writing two posts a week is perfect for me, and I’m also going to focus on selling kombucha starter-kits, and sourdough workshops. These are things that I’m passionate about and love doing.


On Tuesday’s we got to swimming lessons. To get there we walk past our old house and straight past the lime tree laden with fruit. This morning, on the way home from swimming we stopped so I could pick a bunch (I checked with the people living there, who we do swimming lessons with), and picked up a lot of fallen fruit. We might make limoncello or lime marmalade.

I’ve really been getting into gut health. Of course brewing kombucha was always going to do that but when I went to Nicole’s book launch for her new cookbook The Alchemy Cookbook and tasted some of her delicious food I had to jump even further onto that bandwagon. This Great Lakes Gelatin* is perfect for making gut healing jellies.


Of course there is scoby’s growing in my kitchen. Have you purchased your Kombucha Starter Kit yet?


Each Friday I toddle off to the local primary school to buy our fresh produce for the week. Last week I bought these beautiful blood oranges and now I am off acidic food until Friday, so I just get to look at them in our fun new copper fruit bowl until then.


I’ve been collecting and drying pumpkin seeds to plant when it comes time. They’re just drying out on the bench for about a month after washing the pumpkin flesh off.

pumpkin seeds

Can you check out the size of these garlic bulbs! Seriously, they’re as big as they look but their flavour is very mild. I used a whole on in a white bean dip I made last week and we’ve just been using half of one in a meal.

giant garlic

I’m super excited about these sprouts growing. I’ve been watering them three times daily in our seed sprouter (similar to this), it’s been so fun to watch the seeds grow. I can’t wait to use them in cooking soon.


What’s happening in your kitchen this month? Head over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to see what’s happening in other kitchens around the world.

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4 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… September 2015

  1. Hello, I love your recipes. Those sprouts look delicious! I hope your little one is feeling better soon, I’m not looking forward to the teeth stage. So sad to see them upset. Jac

  2. Those lemons and limes look great….usually with the playdough I set up a little table with baking paper on the table and sticky tape it down….it’s good to work with the playdough on that. Look up Moon Sand or words to that effect….it’s flour and baby oil (get cheap stuff) and a empty plastic container box with low sides and put little cars or animals in there for him to play with…feels so nice. When there are too many balls you have to put the ones up first that are essential and need to be done followed by the what is going to make you feel good then followed by the nice to do but not essential to living. Also with the teeth I would buy one of those teething rings you can put into the freezer (or a cold wet washer) so he can chew on it in the middle of the night when he wakes up…unfortunately those teeth hurt long before they pop through the skin, that and panadol for the night time. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

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