Spring is coming to my garden


It’s been so fun to watch the garden flourish as the days have gotten warmer. I’m seeing the baby spinach and silverbeet finally stretch is arms, and grow, as though it’s been hibernating through winter. We’ve watched the broccoli bolt, even with these tiny heads. We have, thankfully, been able to add a small amount of homegrown produce to select meals. What a joy that is!

baby spinach silverbeet

We’re so excited to see shoots and flowers coming to our tiny trees. This lemon was a house warming gift and one day it’s lemons might be part of as delicious warming dessert. We’ve also watched the flowers bloom on our grafted peach/nectarine, such a joy after the peach tree escapade.

lemon tree

We managed to get in just in time and purchase four bare rooted fruit trees, a granny smith, a pink lady apple, a miniature pear and a blood plum. My mind is already wondering to the days of picking a preserving these beautiful fruits. I’m imagining picking fruit as Elliot and I walk back and forth to the chicken coop and as we sit on our deck in the summer and autumn sun.

fruit trees

Herbs are vital to a kitchen garden. And although I will never plant that mint into garden beds, this rosemary will one day be planted under our bedroom window. Will the next stage of our landscaping design, we plan to have a small grassed area to play on, and garden beds lining our house and driveway, filled to the brim with bee friendly plants. I can’t picture it now.

rosemary mint

As the days warm up, I need to get some seeds into dirt and into our mini greenhouse. I’m so excited to fill our beds with edible delights.

What is happening in your garden this month?


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August has been a slow month in our garden but things have just taken off.

12 thoughts on “Spring is coming to my garden

  1. Hello spring! I purchased a lovely mix from diggers for bees this season I think it’s called the bee mix I’m looking forward to planting the seeds.

  2. I love gardening and it’s been awhile since I have gotten to do any gardening especially now since I live and study in the City. I look forward to seeing your garden blossom and produce abundantly.

  3. I only dream of growing apples, the saddest thing for me leaving the farm is all my fruit trees that I planted. On the up side is we have a mango and a pawpaw in the backyard where we live. Designing a garden is hard work be it veggie or flowers for bees. It is hard to imagine what plants grow into. I guess that is all apart of the fun.

  4. So exciting isn’t it…we added a pink lady and a navel this winter to our granny smith, peach, apricot and little battler lemon tree…We eat those gorgeous big broccoli leaves Clare, they are gorgeous lightly boiled and I love a squeeze of lemon, coconut oil, S& P and a smidge of chilli – don’t throw them out!! 🙂 Jan x

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