Prosciutto – The Finished Product

It was the day we had been waiting for. 12 months we had patiently waited checking on our prosciutto hanging in my mum and dads shed. We waded through the maggots, we waited to for it dry out, then put a reminder in my phone and promptly forgot about it.

cutting up prosciutto

But as the day started to near, we organised a homemade evening with Daniel. Into our basket we piled home cured olives, some sourdough, homemade quince paste, and our wild ferment apple cider. Daniel provided his home brewed wheat beer and home cured salami. My parents added local wine and some delicious cheese (something I’m yet to master). And we were set for the evening! All we needed to add was the sliced prosciutto.prosciutto and salami

Daniel started cutting chunks off. His sharp chef’s knife still having to saw through the thick crust that had developed. The first chuck cut off was promptly sliced and added to the delicious fare. Then as each chunk was extracted it was cryovaced.

sourdough bread and prosciutto

The prosciutto was so amazingly salty that I woke the next morning craving water, but the taste so moorish that it was difficult to stop.

It was a pretty proud moment that evening, slicing into our first home cured meat, and adding it to a plate of almost 100% home preserved/pickled/cured deliciousness! I was proud to be able to share it with my family and friends.

local and homemade platter

Each step we take in this direction, removing ourselves from the conventional systems, I feel a little lighter.

You can see our whole prosciutto journey here.

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Do you make any of your own cured meats?

Homemade prosciutto - Fabulous year long process with a delicious finale.


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