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Canggu is arguably the fastest growing and most progressive areas along the popular southern coast of Bali. Having only recently found its name on the tourist map, Canggu is just far enough from Legian that is remains fairly uncontrived and serene. However, as construction implies, Canggu is maturing rapidly, and undergoing very visible growth, there is a fascinating undercurrent of cool that radiates from the travellers who often choose to go to this area to surf.

We dubbed the tourists here ‘beautiful, serene and connected,” mostly young surfer types (all beautiful, in their perfect Bali travel get-ups), with big smiles on their faces and their phone, iPad or computer in hand. J decided he wanted to be serene so much that he started sitting cross-legged and ordering salads (something that I’ve never seen him do).

Here is my 5 must do’s of Canggu:

Visit Betelnut CafeBetelnut Cafe Canggu

It’s a must do, the photos on Instagram had tempted me all the way from Australia. The healthy innovative food is an absolute winner, the smoothies are to die for and the cakes make dream worthy desserts or additions to your morning tea coffee.

We went to Betelnut Cafe for a lunch and an early dinner, trying different things each time. The burgers were approximately $5 AUD, served with a side of chips. J ordered the fish burger, which he says was good but a little dry, Elliot ate the pattie off the kids cheese burger, and I had the chicken and bacon burger.

A meal for the three of us would cost around $25 AUD, including 2 main meals, 3 smoothies and a dessert to takeaway.

A Walk To San Onofre Surf BeachStreet food Canggu

Watch the sunset, drink a $2 AUD beer from a street stall, walk along the beach. The first afternoon we were in Bali, we walked down to the beach, ate amazing street food and drank cheap beers. You can get barbequed corn on the cob, fresh coconuts to drink, a fabulous soup with chilli and chicken balls, and countless other local foods.

Visit Old MansOld Man's Canggu

We went there for the art work, we stayed for the gin and tonic. We didn’t eat here, just enjoyed the space for Elliot to roam around, but I’ve heard the food is good if you’re after some familiar food. The murals are unbelievable!

Eat Indonesian at Bu Mi

The food is fabulous, fantastically priced and a local experience. You ask for your choice of rice (white or red) and point to the toppings you’d like. There’s a variety of spicy, non-spicy, deep fried and steamed. For a big plate and 2 beers it cost us around $5 AUD. My favourite was the crispy chicken and Elliot loved the tempe.

Morning Coffee at Monsieur SpoonFrench bakery Canggu

Join the beautiful, serene and connected at Monsieur Spoon, the French bakery. Order a coffee (quite good apparently) and a pastry, connect to the wifi and sit and people watch. There’s a great view of the street, and also a small play set and a sand pit for the littlies. Intrigued by the black pastry I ordered a bamboo ash chocolate croissant, I wasn’t overly impressed initially, but since I ate it, I can’t get it out of my mind. The beautiful black flaky pastry, filled with rich chocolate, is a food memory that I’ll never forget.

What about you? Have you been to Bali recently? Have you visited Canggu?

Canggu Bali

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  1. Hey Clare! I have never been to Canguu unfortunately, but your photos make me want to. I went to Ubud once, four years ago, and absolutely loved it. The Balinese people are so delightful. Kind, funny, gentle, relaxed. I would love to go back one day. Enjoy your time in Indonesia…hope you don’t get stuck there due to the ash cloud thing x

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