In My Garden… July 2015

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a garden to share, and while it’s not quite finished we are picking little bits and pieces to add to our meals. Each day I head out and check on the growth, I squeal with excitement when I see that our peas are tall enough to reach the next level on the trellis, and when there’s enough silverbeet to add to an omelette.sweet peas There’s still a lot of work to be done. Oxalis grows up through the carpet we laid as a weed matting, and I feel the constant need to pull it out. I don’t want to poison as it’s mostly growing up around the rhubarb, and in the veggie bed. I know that it’ll die off during summer, but do you have any natural tips to remove it and save the rhubarb?sliverbeet Everything in the veggie bed seems pretty slow growing, my grandma says that this winter has been very cold down here and may be stunting growth. Still, each day I head out and check for bed TO DO:

  • Weed – removing the oxalis and throwing it into the chicken pen. I don’t mind weeding, just a few minutes a day with my hands in the dirt, makes for a happy Clare.
  • I really want to get some tomatoes growing from seed this season. So I’ve bought myself a mini greenhouse and I’ll be getting some seeds into dirt soon.  I read something somewhere not too long ago that you should get tomato seeds into the ground on the day that is between the solstice and the equinox.
  • Down the side of our house, leading to the chickens, we have planted rhubarb with gaps big enough for fruit trees. It’s the time of year for bare rooted trees to go into the ground. We’ll be planting apples (for cider), stone fruit (for preserving) and maybe another citrus.
  • Prepare our asparagus bed. As it’s the first time we’ve ever felt confident of not moving, it’s the first time I’ve ever felt confident to plant asparagus.
  • Make a worm farm. This is one I’ve been talking about for a LONG time. I think the worm castings and juice will be so beneficial to our garden and the excess worms can give our chickens some much needed protein.

broccoli I was pretty happy to get garlic in the ground, I know it’s not enough to keep us going for the whole year, but it’s a good start.garlic artichoke I brought a huge rhubarb crown home from my friends house and split it into 12. I have planted six plants and gifted the rest. Some have struggled, they are closest to the chicken pen and were the first to get attacked when they would get out. But the one closest to the veggie garden has gone to seed. I’m just wondering what I do with it. Is it ok? peach and rhubarbI’m absolutely loving having a garden to play in, to work on, and to watch grow. I don’t think there is enough time spent watching plants grow.

What’s happening in your garden this month?


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16 thoughts on “In My Garden… July 2015

  1. Hi Clare, I love that you have planted along the side of the house, it looks great! Your garden is rally coming along beautifully. I look forward to watching it grow. Beautiful pics.

  2. I am so in awe of people who can grow their own fruits and vegetables! Well done re your garden and I have yet to understand how to relax trying to watch a garden grow! 🙂
    Thanks for this month’s kitchen view too!

  3. Wow Clare how wonderful to have so many goodies growing! I just sorted one of my big beds on the weekend and finally gave it a little love. I’m not being very ambitious though and just planted a few seeds. Fingers crossed.

  4. My rhubarb goes to seed all the time. Doesn’t cause any problems, the plants are as strong as ever. I used to chop off the flowering stem but now I just leave them.
    I’m very jealous of your peas, mine have only just got flowers. Hopefully soon there will be peas to scoff straight off the plant.

  5. Slow going in my garden this winter too. Cabbage, beans, peas, onions & leeks are doing their thing but nothing to pick yet. Finally I had some spinach & silver beet to pick yesterday. Something has been getting to it before I do. I also had a little badicoot into my potato beds over the weekend & there are potatoes in there! Very exciting. Carrots have been a bust, I think three have popped up, but all 60 garlic have sprouted which makes me very happy indeed.

    It’s so fun isn’t it?

  6. So glad to see your garden and even for winter it is looking productive. Usually if plants are struggling due to the weather they usually will come back to life as soon as it warms up again. So you should be fine and see your silverbeet come to life soon. I had a rhubarb plant go to seed last year and I just left it go. This year it is thriving and I picked loads from it. Usually it takes a year or two to let them get established. Happy weeding.

    1. Thanks Lizzie! Everything seems to have taken off again and we’ve got silverbeet coming out of our ears! Our rhubarb is doing wonderfully well! I’m really surprised actually.

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