Simple Gift Giving

I love giving gifts, way more than I love receiving them. I love to find the perfect gift for someone but if I know that there is a ‘gift season’ upon us, I find that I get quite anxious.

I don’t like surprises. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I don’t like surprises if I know that they coming. I don’t like having the time to stress about gifts, worry about having the appropriate reaction and worrying about disappointing someone if I don’t like what I receive. This may sound silly, but I can’t lie.

I straight up, 100% can’t lie. My face tells the truth even if my mouth is saying something else, and even then I usually correct myself pretty quickly.

It might also sound silly because a gift is a gift right, just be happy with it. I see someone’s gift to you as a reflection of how they see you, it’s about them knowing what’s important to you. I’m also not really into stuff, so if it’s just more stuff, then it needs to go.

So in the interest of my sanity, our bank balances and keeping stuff out of our house, we have created some rules around gift giving between J and I.

Birthday – we purchase or organise an activity. We’ve done cheese making course, mushroom foraging workshops, we’ve had days in Daylesford and an array of other day out adventures. These experiences will last us way longer than any physical ‘thing’ we are given.

Anniversary – A fancy dinner out. We’ve been to Loam, Brae and most recently Oakdene. The time to celebrate the two of us, to spend the time over a long, slow meal is the perfect way to celebrate our marriage.

Mother’s/Father’s Day – currently we’re not doing anything, except allowing the other a little time to themselves. We are not each other’s parents, so we’ll wait until E is big enough to paint us a card and burn us breakfast.

Christmas – we have a $50 allowance in the shop of our choice. I pick the shop that J is to shop in for me and he picks the shop that I’ll buy his gift from. It’s just a fun token idea, that means we get to open something on Christmas morning.

Obviously, these will evolve as E grows and takes more notice of these events, but for right now we’re saving our time, sanity and money.

Do you have any gift giving ‘rules’?

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