12-ish Ways To Use Apples

Apple season is upon us and, if you’re anything like us, you’re nearly appled out and you’ve got a fruit bowl full of them. No? Just us?

Here’s 12 great ideas of what to do with your remaining apples.apple recipes thelifeofclare1. Grandma’s Apple Slice. It had to be number 1 for sure! Grab any 3 apples you got lying around, skin, core and shop them, then check out HERE for the rest of the recipe.Grandma's Apple Slice2. These darling individual apple tarts.__apple-flower-tarts-183. Apple chips. I’ve made these in my dehydrator as well (with no cinnamon and sugar, just a squeeze of lemon juice) and Elliot loves them.apple-chips-recipe-1-WM-1024x6814. Caramel Apple Upside-down Cake. Or this cake looks pretty bloody deliciously easy!caramelappleupsidedowncakeApple-Cake5. Apple Cider. We’ve made 4 batches this year, and have just started drinking the first after a 6 week wait. So delicious! Then you could use some of the cider to make these cupcakes.bottling cider6. What about a salad? Or this one. What about this one.apple-cranberry-walnut-salad-6 detoxsalad1-721x1000 Tasha-Seccombe_The-Food-Fox_Fennel-Salad_0002-585x9177. Apple pancakes! YES PLEASE!apple pancakes8. Apple cookies.apple-cookies9. An apple that is covered in dough and deep fried, is still an apple right? And therefore, it’s still good for you!apple-fritters510. ‘Tis also the season for quinces, so maybe give this Quince Apple Golden Syrup Puddling a crack. Speaking of quince, maybe you could make a crumble?A-delightful-dessert-on-a-frosty-evening-beautiful-quince-and-apple-compote-topped-with-golden-syrup-sponge-pudding.-Awesome apple quince pear crumble11. Apple Pie has been on high rotation in our house recently.moms-apple-pie_112. And for those meat lovers, here’s some apple with pork.Apple-Cinnamon-Pork-Chops-6

What’s your favourite apple recipe? Head over to my Pinterest Apple Board for some more ideas.


8 thoughts on “12-ish Ways To Use Apples

  1. Yum! I am inspired. And I think you have given me the only way I’ll get my son to eat an apple – cover it in dough and deep fry that bad boy.

    Beautiful picks.

  2. Now I’m HUNGRY!
    Sadly, about the only thing you can do with apples here (in Central America) is throw them in the bin. We keep buying them, but have learned to get them one-at-a-time, not by the bag because they are almost always dry, floury, tasteless and frankly inedible. We did get one beautifully sweet and juicy one from a market in a place called ‘San Pedro Sula’ in Honduras which holds the dubious title of being the most dangerous city in the world. I had no plans to return, but honestly, I’d brave the murderous gangs again for just one more bite of a crisp apple 🙂
    Enjoy every bite of yours. We are eating vicariously!

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