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Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about where our food comes from. It started with Rohan’s meat reality workshop, and has been magnified since. I’ve been inspired in so many different ways, reading about Matt and Lentil from Grown and Gathered in a recent Peppermint Magazine, Lauren Singer from Trash Is For Tossers and Brydie from City Hippie Farm Girl.

Brydie posted a recipe a month last year using locally sourced ingredients (you can see all her posts here). Once a month, she created a meal from local food, simple. Inspired by Brydie, I’ve decided to cook one meal a month with 100% locally sourced ingredients.  I’ll also introduce you to a local farmer or producer and highlight some of their produce.

I do have to say that I’m lucky, we live in a great area for buying local.  The Bellarine boasts a huge amount of farm gates, berry farms, olive oil and produce straight from the ocean.  The challenge for me is to get to know the local farms, find out more about buying direct from them and beginning to reduce my waste, and trips to the super market. I’m also interested in reducing food miles, I suppose the main reason people take on these types of challenges.

I’ll also be using what I can from our house, eggs and veggies at the moment, as well as things we’ve gleaned and preserved from friends’ houses.  I think these activities are key to living locally, reducing food miles and understanding seasonality of produce.

How local is local? It will vary from person to person. Firstly, I try to buy from the farmer, so within 40km or so, then if I can’t get what I’m after, I look to Victoria, then finally I venture to Australian grown. Sugar, for example, is a tough one here.

Do you think you could do a local challenge?  Do you visit a farmers market? Do you know your meat farmers?

eat local

10 thoughts on “Eat Local

  1. Great idea. Ballarat has a readily available bunch of local producers food items. I will look into doing this too! !

    1. Thanks Tash. We try to eat as locally as possible generally, but I like the idea of having one meal a month with a conscious effort for all ingredients to be locally sourced.

  2. Yep, there is nothing more rewarding than eating locally. We have recently rediscovered our local farmers market and were blown away with the quality and flavor of the food and produce. It reminded us to keep supporting these local food sources and to keep eating things fresh. We too grow veggies and are hoping for some eggs from our chickens real soon.

    1. Vicki, I think there’s great farmers markets in town. I just never get in there to check them out.

  3. Hi Claire, I love your blog. Buying local resonates with me too. I am an artist and go to market to sell and promote my art and art classes regularly. I see many amazing talented creatives and local producers and love supporting them. I am trying to stay out of the big supermarkets as much as I can. I get a weekly delivery of veg in season from local market gardeners and believe me the taste is sensational. It’s a big plus plus if you ask me. Keep up the great work. I think I have a connection, would Marg and John ring a bell. Friends of your mum and dad. x

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