8 Eco Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


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Mother’s Day is fast approaching, this year I feel as though it’s my first.  Last year we were in crazy new born haze and embarking on our house building journey, so it just passed by.  But this year I have done my research and although I’m pretty sure Elliot won’t be buying me any of these gifts, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and instead sharing them with you.  Maybe you could text/email/facebook message the link to the Mother’s Day gift buyer in your life.

1. Grab a couple of KeepCups* and a bag of delicious locally grown/roasted/sold coffee to gift on Sunday morning.  Or even take these to your favourite local cafe and get them to fill the cups with coffee to go.  You could even pack a picnic and enjoy some beautiful autumn weather with your hot coffee. So many ideas!

2. These Alter Eco Chocolates* are lush.  Give one (or 4) of these and a voucher for a bath ALONE! I know that’d I’d enjoy a hot bath, quiet, reading and eating ALL THE CHOCOLATE! The values of Alter Eco are that they are reliably delicious, environmentally responsibly and socially just, so when you’re enjoying your bath you can pat yourself on the back that you’re saving the planet too (just make sure you use that water until it’s cold, or even dump it on your garden when you’re done).

3. Everyone produces kitchen scraps and now everyone can compost them.  Check out this Bokashi*

4. ‘Give a gift that keeps on growing’ is Greenfleet‘s gift tagline.  One that I believe fits perfectly. I think that giving a tree, one that someone else will plant, is the perfect gift for someone who is particularly hard to buy for.  There’s a range of gift options, you can buy an offset, for someone who drives there car to work every day, or a single tree.

5. You could give a goat. Oxfam have a range of ‘unwrapped’ gift ideas for varying costs, but the real value is knowing how the person in Mozambique will receive it. Personally, I’m pretty keen on the chicken.

6. This super cute newspaper DIY Plant Pot Maker* is recycling at its greatest.  Add some Little Veggie Patch Co. seeds and your practically giving your mum a salad.  The satisfaction I get out of growing my own produce surpasses buying a salad any day, and the savings you make in the long run are immense. Also, making your own seedling pots, CUTE!!!

7. Another gift that keeps on giving, but in a slightly different way, a magazine subscription. Slow Living would be my choice but any magazine works a treat.  What a joy it is to have a reason to slow down each month, but your feet up and drink a cuppa. Or you could even gift a digital copy.

8. I thought this was a bit of fun. Aquafarm* is a fish tank with a vegetable and herb grow bed in one closed-loop system that fits easily on any kitchen counter. The waste from the fish provides nutrients for the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish! Fresh herbs on your kitchen bench, YES PLEASE!

As well as all these fun ideas, it doesn’t hurt to just say “I love you”, make your love breakfast in bed (free range eggs and organic free range bacon please), go for a walk and enjoy each others company.

Which is your favourite? Do you have any other fun eco friendly gift ideas?


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  1. I’ve been reading up on the Aquafarm. It sounds like a great way to be totally self-sufficient. You just have to add chickens and they you have just about every food group you need xx

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