One + Four = Life

one+four=life gardeningOne: Lunch at Little Green Corner.

Two: Quinces.

Three: Apple Pie.

Four: Gardening.

little green corner quinces Apple pie gardeningSince attending Rohan’s Meat Reality Workshop my mind has been living locally and sustainably. This week definitely represents that.

Lunch at Little Green Corner had been on the cards for a while, but when I saw that they were asking for help to peel some of the 50 kg of quinces they had been gifted, we headed in.  The food was amazing, the staff lovely and the philosophy behind it refreshing.  Most of their produce comes from a family farm or from their customers dropping it in, in exchange for coffee. All the food is seasonal, and my wild mushroom gnocchi was divine.

I missed preserving this summer, so I’ve been so glad to get my hands on large amounts Autumn fruit.  I’ve made quince jam and paste and I’ll be poaching some soon. I’m so proud to be stocking up our larder.

Tonight I baked my first ever apple pie.  It’s not perfect, but it’ll be delicious.  Homemade sweet shortcrust pastry, homegrown apples and LOVE!

We’ve finally got some veggies in the ground.  After a big last few days of layering our no dig garden, today topped it off with garden loam. A trip to the local nursery sorted us out with this seasons finest produce.  I spent some time between rain showers planting the seedlings.  Now we’re just looking forward to picking in a couple of months.

I’m joining up with Pip from Meet Me At Mikes for One + Four = Life.


4 thoughts on “One + Four = Life

  1. Lovely photos! Congrats on your first apple pie! My Gran used to make them for us and we used to have a portion with a little bit of warm milk dribbled on top. Delicious! Had to have a chuckle at your pomegranate photo: it’s my favourite fruit and they’re not available where we live but, just this morning, we went to a local supermarket and guess what I found???? Pomegranates!!! I quite literally screamed and ran over to grab one!!!! That was my breakfast and, I tell you, I haven’t been so happy in a very long time!!! Oh my!!!

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