One + Four = Life

collageOne: A visit to a friends farm.

Two: Sunday’s are for cider making.

Three: Camping sunrises

Four: Deliciousness High Tea

the farm cider camping high teaElliot and I stopped to visit my best lady friend (you’ve heard about her many times before). Jade has always been a city girl, high heels and suits, but just recently has moved to this beautiful property and I couldn’t be more excited for her. Happiness radiates from her, and her excitement is contagious. She gave us a tour and we talked about all the cool things she has planned for the veggie garden and where shes going to home her chickens.

We’ve made cider before, and a few batches this season, but none as large as today. This morning we cut and processed 35kg of apples and ended up with roughly 19 L of juice. The juice will sit uncovered for a couple of days, absorbing wild yeasts, then it’ll get covered and left until the alcohol percentage is optimal.

One morning while camping, I got up to see this stunning sunrise. It was so lovely to spend a few days away from everything. My head has been so full of ideas recently, that the space helped clarify a few things.  Elliot loved being in the dirt so much and spent time speed crawling on the beach.

I was so lucky to be invited to dine as a guest of Vue Grand to enjoy their Grand Afternoon Tea this afternoon. The food was stunning, the ambiance was perfect and the setting was decadent. I’ll be writing a more detail post soon, but just know that it was DIVINE!

How’s your week been?



8 thoughts on “One + Four = Life

  1. Hi Clare! I just found your blog via Meet Me At Mikes. Gorgeous photos! That sunrise is beautiful, as is your little son. Wow, 35kg of apples, that’s a lot of cider! Is the Vue Grande you mention the hotel in Queenscliff? Thanks for sharing your photos with us all x

      1. Not at the moment (in fact very far away – in China!) but my husband’s grandpa has a place in Queenscliff so when we’re in Melbourne, we often go there for a break away from the city. It’s a beautiful town, I love Swan Bay. You’re lucky to live on the Bellarine x

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