One + Four = Life

one+four=lifeOne + Four = Life is a thing started by Pip that I thought I might like to join in with. Her theory is that once a week we could share four photos that represent our lives.

paddling farmers market lunch hikingOne: My boys sea kayaking.

Two: $40 farmers market haul. 

Three: Lunch with my mum and sister.

Four: Overnight hikes.

Our little family was so lucky to have J home for a huge long weekend, 5 whole days.  We figured that this’d be the perfect time to experiment with some of our outdoor passions.  This way if everything went to shit, as things sometimes do with a one year old, we would have plenty of time to recover.

Elliot loved sea kayaking. J had him sitting in the hatch, I was walking right beside them, and Elliot was dragging his hand along in the water. He just really seemed to enjoy it.  Then we had some sand time so that J could go for a real paddle.

A couple of weeks ago we attended Rohan’s Meat Reality Workshop, since then food (where it’s from, how it’s grown, etc) has been a hot topic at our place.  I’ve been meaning to find a more local veggie market for a while now, but had honestly been too lazy.  So this weekend I hopped to it and was pleasantly surprised. This haul, including corn, garlic, capsicum and eggplant that were grown on site cost me less than $40!

While we were out on one of our outdoor adventures my prescription sunglasses got trodden on, and before a music festival we went to in November Elliot snapped my glasses in half.  Since then I have been chopping and changing between pairs that I got in Nepal, that are very uncomfortable.  So I was in dire need for a couple of new pairs.  Mum and I headed into town and met my sister for lunch. This was such a treat because she has just moved to Geelong from Melbourne, so now we can just catch up for lunch on a whim. Oh and I picked up two pairs of glasses for less than $300, bargain!

J and I met rock climbing, we’ve both worked in the outdoors, do a lot of camping and love hiking. So it was inevitable that we would take Elliot hiking soon.  It was a great experience, but not one I’m keen to do again in a hurry.  Our kid is a goer, he likes to move around and when he’s stuck in that backpack for extended periods of time he can’t do that.  So we’ve decided that camping is the way to go, at least until he can carry his own backpack.

I hope you had a lovely Easter and the week ahead is cruisy!


14 thoughts on “One + Four = Life

  1. These photos are ace. How cute is Eliot in the kayak?! Man. Intrepidorable. That’s an actual thing and he is it! x

  2. i love this! Can anyone join in? If he is anything like my nephew, I can imagine how bub would go crazy strapped in a carrier 🙂 xx

  3. What a lovely collection of photos! I just love long weekends, it really gives you the chance to get out of the house and enjoy the activities you love! I’d love to get a kayak, your son looks like he enjoyed himself! I’m dropping in from the Linkup on Pip’s blog, what a great idea it is, looking forward to reading next week.

  4. I love the look of your $40 haul of fruit and vegetables. It looks like the weather has been good to you and you’ve been able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. The kayaking looks like a lot of fun and you are certainly all packed up for the overnight hike. Great to be in the big outdoors! xx

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