Making A Good Choice

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Saturday night we made our way to Mum and Dad’s for a barbeque. In my basket beside the wine and potato salad was a selection of the new Fountain Good Choice range of sauces, five new marvelous sauces. The usual suspects were there, all of my extended ‘family’, the crew we camp with every year. Some brought dessert, others pre-dinner nibbles and everyone provided their own meats.

Fountain Good Choice SaucesAfter a long lazy catch up over a few glasses of bubbles, where we talked bees and sourdough bread, dinner was served. I loved being able to contribute these sauces to the meal. BBQ, tomato, hot chilli and sweet chilli are all the perfect accompaniments to any barbeque (I left the soy sauce at home). In the past J and I have made our own tomato sauce, but as you know, this year has been off the hook so we didn’t get a chance. The Fountain Good Choice sauces are the perfect substitute to our homemade sauce.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the ingredients list on the Fountain Sauces wasn’t gobbledygook, I could understand what I was reading, AND that sugar wasn’t up there at the top of the list.

Fountain Sauces IngredientsNever ones to shy away from the big topics we talked executions, sailing, bedroom styling (we’d all be watching too much of The Block), and sauce.  I sat quietly, enjoying listening to the discussions around me.  Comments flew about the sauces’ great taste, about how much sugar must be in them, and that they couldn’t be that different to other sauce brands.  I happily piped up that in fact they were all gluten free and sweetened with Natvia (from the Stevia plant), and this lead to a completely different conversation about someone’s kids eating all the leaves off their stevia plant when they were young and killing it.

Fountain Sauces Good ChoiceThe conversation eventually made its way back to the sauces, particularly how the sweet chilli actually had some kick in it and didn’t taste like over sweetened lolly water. Someone piped up that they liked it so much they were going to have to go and buy some, I was proud to mention that these sauces were located in the health food aisle at Woolworths.

BBQ and Fountain saucesThe evening drew to a close and the sauces were placed gently back in my basket.  I looked forward to the next chance to use them, happy that I could eat healthy sauces that didn’t compromise on taste.

What’s your favourite BBQ condiment? Do you love sweet chilli or do you find it too sweet? (If you find it sweet, you should definitely give this new one a go!)

10 thoughts on “Making A Good Choice

  1. Oh, I’ll have to try this! My kids are addicted to sauce, so a better choice sauce is a great find. Thanks!

  2. It sounds like you had a really lovely evening. I do like evenings where everyone brings something and you see the whole meal being put together. Lucky you had the Fountain sauces to bring – something for everyone in that selection to be sure xx

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