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welcome to The Life of Clare KitchenWelcome to our brand spanking new, extremely sexy kitchen!

It’s been an adventure getting here. It took four months, from the day the slab was poured, until the day we moved in.  We worked our arses off, hammering nails, using all variety of power tools, laying floorboards and countless other things that I honestly never thought I’d have to do.  It’s completely surreal, fantastic, really bloody awesome and sweet as, finally being in! I’m so proud of what we’ve, and how we did it.

Our kitchen takes up a third of our living area, as it should I think! And due to the shape of it we were convinced that we needed a corner pantry.  So we did a bit of research, looking at Masters, Ikea and Bunnings for kitchens, and found that Bunnings were the only company that did corner pantry’s.  So that made our decision easy.

Then we spent some time playing on their website, trying to design our kitchen.  In the end it turned out to be easier to go in store and talk to someone face to face about what we wanted.  So we ordered our kitchen, every filler panel, pantry end panel, hinge and door handle, and it was all set to be ready just before Christmas.

It arrived in 100’s of boxes, on two pallets, on the back of a flat bed truck.  Putting it together was a story in its own right. The highlight being that on the day we had planned to put the bench tops on (the final step), we realised that we’d fixed the cupboards that make up the island bench 5 cm too close to the back wall. We then spent the next 6 hours undoing and redoing those cupboards, getting it right.  I cried.

But we now have our kitchen, crooked handles and all, and I’m here today to share with you my top 10 favourite things about it.

10. The space and storage.

The corner pantry is huge, all of our food and most of our appliances are in one spot.  And there’s still room.  The pantry isn’t particularly tidy but we’re getting there.  The pantry isn’t the end of our amazing and immense storage!  We still have near empty cupboards and draws throughout the kitchen.

In addition to the huge amount of storage, the kitchen has turned out to be quite large, definitely bigger than we expected it to be.  There’s a 1.5 meter opening and walking space throughout.  I’m so glad.  When both J and I are in there, I don’t feel cramped and I can only imagine that this is going to be a good thing as Elliot gets bigger.

corner pantry9. The bench space.

When cooking, baking and creating for this here blog, I tend to take over all spare bench space!  But not here, there’s enough space for me to have all my appliances going at once, and still have room to kneed bread.  We no longer need to use our kitchen table for bread kneading and storage.

8. The light!

I’ve enjoyed taking photos so much since moving to our new house (you might have noticed on my Instagram).  As well as the amazing windows, the artificial lights are perfectly placed and there is no shadows on benches when you’re trying to cook.  Our pendant lights are also super cute and were really reasonably priced.

kitchen window bench space7. The tea and coffee station.

This has helped with the immense amount of bench space. All of our tea/coffee and toasting needs are in this little nook, they have their own draw and their own power point. I also love that the microwave has it’s own hole there too (it also has it’s own power point).

fridge, bookshelf and coffee station6. The bookshelf.

This was something that I believed was an essential addition to our kitchen.  I love cookbooks and I love having them easily accessible and on display.  When we first went to Bunnings, I was told it wasn’t an option, they didn’t sell bookshelves and they didn’t think it would fit.  So I came home and drew the kitchen out on our concrete slab, and decided that a bookshelf would fit perfectly.  Then I just had to find one.  I found that Ikea had a bookshelf in the perfect width, but not the right height, but I was so determined to have a bookshelf, that I decided it was the one.  So Elliot and I jumped in the car and drove the 2 hours to Ikea to purchase my dream kitchen addition.  And boy am I glad we did.

5. The splashback!

Many splashbacks were discussed prior to deciding on this one. But I’m so happy with the finished result. The main reason we decided to owner build was due to the fact that we couldn’t afford to employ a full time builder.  This is also the same reason we decided to tile ourselves.  I made J start in the bathroom, giving himself plenty of practice before tiling the most used room in our house.

The 200mm x 100mm subway tiles, with black grout have created such a stunning feature in our living room.  They are probably the most commented on thing in our house, and they make such a beautiful photography backdrop!

kitchen from hallway4. The vantage point.

I could work in this kitchen all day because I don’t feel closed off from the rest of the house/family/world (I get really bad FOMO).  I can almost, but not quite, watch TV (which is the way we wanted it).  I can see Elliot playing, and soon (hopefully this weekend) I’ll be able to see our beautiful new deck.

lounge from kitchen kitchen from living3. It’s fairly kid proof.

It’s so sleek and shiny, it’s also (so far) got nothing that Elliot can get into, except for the bookshelf.  The bin is in the cupboard, it’s hard for him to get into the big draws, I really don’t have to worry about him, except for the dials on the oven… he can reach those.

2. The island bench.

I love that we decided to go with the sink in the island, I wasn’t sure for a while.  Did you know that this is one of the first things you have to decide?  I thought maybe it should have been under the window.  But now we have a huge amount of uninterrupted bench space.  Also under that bench is a dishwasher!!!

I love that the island bench divides the room, but also creates some great sitting space if I’m working in the kitchen and have visitors.

1. The OVEN!

You’ve been waiting for this one!  Yep, the oven wins number 1!  We bought this even before the earthworks had happened.  It sat in our shed for over 6 months, and I didn’t even look at it once!  It’s fantastic.  It’s huge, and I’ve already baked baguettes in it (you need the 90 cm oven for their length), it heats up deliciously fast and you can fit a bunch in it!

pot on stoveThank you for coming along for the tour.  Do you have any other questions about things I may not have covered?  Or something you’d like to know more about, that I may have just brushed over?

20 thoughts on “Welcome To Our Kitchen

  1. i love peeping into other people’s kitchens – especially if they are new ones! Wow – just wow, it looks so pretty ans to think you did it all yourselves makes it look even more amazing! Well done!

  2. I love that you got the bookshelf in 🙂 I can’t believe that’s not “normal”. And 4 months, wow. I actually thought you had been going for longer. Big congratulations to you all for getting this done so fast and so prettily!

    1. I also can’t believe it was only 4 months! It felt like waaaaay longer for us too. I also love that we got the bookshelf in.

  3. Love it. I think a kitchen is the most important part of the house, it’s the heart of it all and yours looks amazing Clare. Love all the space, the bench tops, the bookshelf (of course that’s where it needs to be, come on Bunnings!) and light. Hmmm light. Love it all. Enjoy every nook and cranny 🙂

  4. Congratulations Clare. You will have many, many hours of happy creating in your lovely new space. Looking forward to seeing what you produce!

  5. It’s just beautiful! Love the light coming in through the nice big window, and also love the bookshelf idea (I may have to steal it). Truly the kitchen is the heart of the home. x

  6. It’s a very functional and stylish new kitchen. No wonder you’re so happy with it. I love the tiles and the kitchen window is such a fantastic size – as is the oven! xx

  7. It’s so gorgeous! I’ve told Matt a thousand times, I’m not sure I ever want to build or renovate a house, even though I always dreamed of doing up an old farmhouse. The decisions and time that has gone into renovating our caravan have driven me crazy at times, so I can only imagine how that multiplies when it’s a house! But it does feel amazing to accomplish something together, and it looks awesome! I love how open the space is, and the bookshelf! Definitely love the bookshelf!

    1. I love the bookshelf too! It definitely is a big, crazy adventure trying to build. I can’t even imagine how tough renovating would be.

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