In My Kitchen… January 2015

I know that I must say it every year, but I really wasn’t ready for 2015 to start yet.  2014 was pretty amazing.  I can honestly say that I did two things that I never thought that I would do, have a baby and buy a house. New Years Eve snuck up on me, and promptly smacked me very hard in the face.  Waking on January 1st, I felt lost and flat.  I hadn’t achieved everything that I’d set out to, at the start of 2014 (although I do know that I achieved a lot), the year felt incomplete, so I declared that I wouldn’t celebrate the start of 2015 until the end of January.

Apart from this post (I do love an In My Kitchen post), I’ll be taking the rest of January off from my blog (unless the writing mood really does strike me).  It’s going to be a big month, we’ve given notice on our rental house for the 31st of this month, so we need to finish building, move and we’re also going camping for a week.

In my kitchen…

… is, well, was some almond butter crunch.  Every year we get some gifted to us by a wonderful friend of ours.  This year we ate it in one sitting.
almond butter crunchIn my kitchen…

…is this beautiful glass drink dispenser, given to me from J for Christmas.  It was in high demand yesterday when the temperatures were over 40 degrees C, with grapefruit and rosemary infusing and a huge amount of ice, it’s the perfect thirst quencher.

drink despenserIn my kitchen…

… is this beautiful new cookbook, Eat & Make*, given to me from my Mum and Dad for Christmas.  Each section has eat and make components, I’m exciting to make the fork bookends for my new kitchen book shelf and I can’t wait to cook, well, pretty much everything in there!

eat and makeIn my kitchen…

… the are Jelly Belly jellybeans.  Every Christmas Mum gives us all Jelly Belly’s and I love it.  I never eat them at any other time, to me they scream Christmas.

jelly bellyIn my kitchen…

… are some beautiful home grown peaches given to us on New Years Eve.  They are sweet and juicy and delicious! It’s always a treat to eat peaches, especially with our peach tree history.

peachesIn my kitchen…

… is a beautiful new tea cup, it’s also from my Christmas stash, and also from J.  I have used it a couple of times, but what I’m really looking forward to, is sitting in our new house, making a pot of tea and drinking it slowly, alone, in the quiet of our new home.

tea cupIn my kitchen…

…is A KITCHEN! Yes, we have finished installing our kitchen.  We bought a Bunnings flat-pac kitchen, and put it together over three weeks. There was definitely ups and downs, like finding out that we’d installed all the island bench cabinets 5cm too close to the back wall, and the bench tops didn’t fit.  So, we had to pull apart and re-install the cupboards across the front. There’s definitely small imperfections, some of the handles aren’t lined up, or even straight, some of the cupboards are mismatched in height, and there is a slightly different over hang of bench either side of the oven.  But I can look past these, because we did it ourselves!  I also need to stop telling people about the ‘mistakes’ because no one else notices them.

kitchenIt’s been a massive couple of months here.  We now have a 9 month old (can you believe time has gone so fast), we nearly have a new house, it’s 2015 and within the next month we’ll be living in said new house.  Thank you for sticking with me through these busy times.  This year I hope to get back behind the computer screen a bit more, I really do love it here, and out from behind the power tools.

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Items marked with * are affiliate links, opinions on what I want to make and eat are all my own.


42 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… January 2015

  1. You definitely had a huge 2015!! Your house is looking amazing and I completely agree that no one will notice the mistakes, but I do the exact same thing. Enjoy your January, it sounds like a big one – I will wish you a happy new year in February 😛

  2. Your kitchen looks amazing and yes – only you will see the minor imperfections. Everyone else will be blown away by the fact that you built it yourselves. Congratulations – you have a couple of big weeks ahead but what a way to start the New Year.

  3. Love your infused water jar! I need to get one for my home 😀 Happy New Year to you and that almond butter crunch looks mighty delicious.

  4. Clare, what a big year you have had! Your new kitchen looks fabulous. May you spend many a memorable moment in it with your family, cheers Kirsty xx

  5. Congratulations on the kitchen. Hope I can say the same this year! Love the look of the drink, and especially the almond crunch. That would be nice right now. Funny how the little things trigger a feel of joyous (and sad) times. Without them it’s just not the same. Cheers, Maree

  6. Happy New Year Clare. Congratulations on your new kitchen! Super exciting and it looks fantastic, don’t be so hard on yourselves! The peaches look just perfect, nothing like super juicy and sweet peaches. May I ask where you got your photo backdrop and tabletop from? They look really cool.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Miss Food Fairy. I make all the backdrops, they’re big and cumbersome, but I love the look of them.

  7. I get so filled with emotion when I read your posts about building your house and your garden and your baby and your vacation – I have no idea how you get it all done. Yes, if you didn’t tell anyone about the imperfections, nobody would notice. We paid to have our house built for top dollar and there were imperfections. A lot of them.

  8. You certainly have had a very big year. I’m pleased to hear your new kitchen is finished and congrats on building it yourself. Enjoy your camping and good luck with moving into your new home xx

  9. Congratulations- a baby and a new house, how wonderful. The peaches look so furry and perfect and the almond butter crunch looks superb. Must check outthe recipe.

  10. It’s been a lovely year for you! That crunch looks amazing and I don’t mind admitting I’m drooling a little over those peaches. Your kitchen is all the more special because you did it all. I loved this post. Happy new year Clare!

  11. Happy New Year Clare,
    We moved a young peach tree with us when we moved 5 years ago, it’s finally cropping well and I was so excited to be able to eat as many as I could and still have some to make jam and wine. Your new kitchen looks great, Anything that is handcrafted will have character (not imperfections at all!)

  12. It sounds like 2014 was a very big year and 2015 is headed in the same direction. How lovely to have a new kitchen! I’m looking forward to reading about cooking adventures in it.

    Happy New Year.

  13. You bought a flat pack kitchen at Bunnings? And assembled it yourselves? You guys are so amazing, what a huge 2014 you had! It’s sooo nice to see your almost finished kitchen – it looks like a lovely airy space that will be a joy to cook in! Your water dispenser look very refreshing and those peaches are beautiful. Have a great month off – you know, when you said you were going camping, I had a memory of seeing all those photos of you from last year on your camping trip when you were very pregnant. How different everything’s going to be this year! 🙂

  14. Omigosh, a new baby and a new house in the same year – you DO have energy and a marvelous “can do” attitude. Enjoy your January non-blogging time, but I can’t wait to check in on your next IMK update.

  15. Such a huge year for you – how exciting that the kitchen is in and you’ll be moving soon! Can’t wait to hear more about the cookbook, I love Sweet Paul’s mags. I could go some of that almond butter crunch and a peach right now but instead I’ll make a cup of tea to settle in and email you ;D

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