Taking Stock

I love to reflect, to take a minute to think about what’s going on for me.  So today I’m joining in with Pip for Taking Stock.

Making: quick and easy dinners.
Cooking: beetroot chocolate cake which turned out perfectly!
Drinking: tea!
Reading: Boomer and Me.
Wanting: time alone, but realising when I get it, that I don’t actually want it that much.
Looking: ahead, but not very far.
Playing: ‘baby proof our rental’ it’s a tough game but really I’m just moving things up high.
Deciding: on so many details.
Wishing: for slow happy quietness.
Enjoying: my busy life.
Waiting: for the electrician, the plasterer, our kitchen, to paint, etc.
Liking: writing snail mail, and receiving them.
Wondering: what I’m going to do with myself once the house is built.
Loving: watching our baby grow.
Pondering: paint colours.
Considering: doing a feature wall in our house. Just a small one.
Watching: the final season of Sons of Anarchy.
Hoping: that we’ll be moving not too long after the new year.
Marvelling: at all the steps it takes to build a house. I’m learning something new every day.
Needing: to eat breakfast.
Smelling: the summer rains.
Wearing: trackies and t-shirts.
Following: some beautiful people on Instagram.
Noticing: beautiful sunrises.
Knowing: that there’s still A LOT to do on our house, but feeling like moving in can’t be that far away.
Thinking: about the BIG things.
Admiring: tradies. There’s so much skill to what they do.
Sorting: all the bills.
Buying: taps, a bath, a toilet, a kitchen… A whole house really.
Getting: an extra module for our kitchen.
Bookmarking: some delicious recipes.
Disliking: the moments of utter fear and stress that come with owner building.
Opening: our online banking and looking at the depleting funds.
Giggling: at E discovering new things.
Feeling: overwhelmed that Christmas is so close.
Snacking: rarely, most days I’m lucky to eat breakfast at the moment.
Coveting: our brand new free standing bath. It’s sitting in the shed, just waiting to be installed and I CAN’T WAIT to have a bath in it.
Wishing: that E would just SLOW DOWN a little. He’s like a bulldozer!
Helping: him stand (when he’s desperately trying to pull himself up) and protecting him when he falls.
Hearing: E talking and chatting as he explores our kitchen and lounge room on his teams. I tend to just sit and watch while he crawls about and climbs onto things.
Pick one, two or three, or more and share below.

4 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. I remember the days of trying to baby-proof a home – always a challenge. Your new home must be coming along really well and how exciting that you’ll be moving in just after the New Year. I’m also highly concerned about the rapid approach of Christmas xx


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