In My Kitchen… November 2014

In my kitchen…

… a pretty regular sight in our kitchen.  Every night after dinner E baths on the kitchen floor, in front of a massive pile of dishes.

bath timeIn my kitchen…

… there’s not always freshly baked cookies. After we ran out of peanut butter and choc chip cookies, we topped up with Arnott’s Family Creams.  We’ve got tradies coming in tomorrow and we need to keep them happy with something.

ArnottsIn my kitchen…

… bread dough rises patiently next to the sourdough pizza base.

bread and pizzaIn my kitchen…

… the mixed fruit for the Christmas cakes is soaking.  I’m baking two this year, one to cut early and share on here (this one will be eaten at our leisure) and the other for Christmas day (the rest of which will be taken to Blanket Bay in January).

Christmas fruitIn my kitchen…

… is the booze that’s being used in Christmas baking.  I’m getting organised early this year, well it seems that way now.

christmas alcoholIn my kitchen…

… is homemade haloumi.  Gifted to us from Daniel, who helped us make prosciutto.  I went down to grab a coffee the other day and as we’d been sharing tales of self sufficiency and small goods making, he turned to his cool room and gently lifted out this container.  We tasted a small bit of his beautiful squeaky cheese.  He was telling me how a friend of his recently did a cheese making course, then came and spent an evening teaching him how to make it. I love it when friends pass on their knowledge!

homemade haloumiIn my kitchen…

… is our very first batch of sauerkraut.  I’ve been eating it on everything!

homemade saurkrautIn my kitchen…

… there’s some off cuts of a recent kitchen experiment.  The recipe will be gracing this blog in December and I will be making it again to share on Christmas day.  But until then, I have a tray of it in the fridge to polish off.

left oversIn my kitchen…

… is a very yellow fruit bowl.  J recently came home from work with 5 mangoes, I’ve been working through them, eating them for dessert with a spoonful of natural yoghurt.

yellow fruit bowl

24 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… November 2014

  1. I love the lead up to summer and christmas – food seems brighter and yummier and more festive somehow. So much deliciousness in your kitchen this month! I’m very curious about those colourful off cuts… Can’t wait for all to be revealed!

  2. I used to bath my little guy in the kitchen sink. I’m also soaking fruits for Christmas cakes – u sure do go through a lot of brandy! Can’t wait to find out more about your experient. Xx

  3. You kitchen looks yummy in deed… I love that you include Arnotts creams instead of home baked ones… Shows that you are a real person! I haven’t had a mango this season yet, but I’m looking forward to it!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Liz x

    1. I’m absolutely real, and can’t quite fit everything I want to into my days, sometimes the cookie baking gets left to the wayside.

  4. your kitchen looks lovely – it amuses me you don’t have time to bake bikkies because you are too busy with sourdough and sauerkraut – just shows how much you love slow cooking 🙂 Love the baby bath on the floor – we used to put the baby bath on the kitchen table because it was less bending over! Good luck with all the christmas cooking!

  5. Just the best first photo, Clare! Who cares about dishes when you can bath the baby instead? 🙂 Your doughs are looking very fine, and how cool to have homemade haloumi! Have a wonderful November, love! xx

  6. Love love that you’ve made your own haloumi and sauerkrat! Very cool
    Also good to see some fruit soaking for Christmas cake. I am in line for 10 cakes this year hehe – love it when others request my baking 😉

    1. Oh Sandy, I wish I had made the haloumi, but we did make the sauerkraut and it’s so good! 10 cakes is huge!

  7. Hi Clare, my Christmas cakes are in the oven as I’m reading your post, so it’s almost like your blog comes with smellovision.
    Will have to try the sauerkraut and the haloumi looks brilliant.

  8. Ripe mangoes and a baby in a bath – what fabulous things to have in the kitchen. I do like to see real kitchens in IMK posts.

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