Owner Building: Concrete Slab

I was honestly feeling as though this whole building a house thing was a joke, that it was never going to start, and we’d wasted a whole lot of time, money and energy.  Boy did I have that wrong.

Once it started, it did so with a bang, and amid the building I can’t seem to find time for any thing else.

The week before my birthday (around the end of September), we were still waiting for our permit, making phone calls, telling all the trades that we should be ready soon, but we were unable to lock anyone in.

When a concrete slab is being used you need to make sure that the plumber comes first, then the concreters and the electrician, this is because everything needs to run through the slab to get into the house.

About a week before my birthday the plumber (who has to go first), said he’d come and have a look.  Upon looking he thought it’d be a two day job, and now that it was Thursday, there was no use starting until the following week.

plumbingMonday he turns up and the above picture was how the block looked at the end of the day.  He was finished.  Now there was a mad scramble to get the rest of the trades in.  I called the concreter, and he said he could either get there tomorrow (Tuesday, my birthday) or not for another two weeks!!!  This would depend on if he could get an earth mover.

He would call me back that afternoon to let me know.  Then I jumped on the phone to the electrician.  Turns out he was getting his wisdom teeth out Thursday, so was taking a week off, and was fully booked before then. But if I let him know if the slab was happening this week, he’d try his hardest to get there.

footingsThat afternoon the concreter called back, he was able to come tomorrow (Tuesday) and would be done by Thursday!

finished footingsThe process is pretty amazing.  They cut out footings, as in the picture above and check the square-ness of the house.  This part takes a day.

underlay and rio The next day is spent laying concrete underlay, and reinforcing steel.  This is all engineered prior to this (needed as part of the building permit), so the boys followed closely, the amount of steel that was needed to hold up our house (and potentially a second story one day).

Wednesday afternoon, I realised that I hadn’t seen the electrician yet!  He was getting his wisdom teeth out tomorrow and if he didn’t make it this afternoon we weren’t going to have a meter box, nor any electricity!

After sending him a panicked text, thinking he wasn’t going to answer due to being on leave, he called me back and calmed my nerves.  He was too busy to get his wisdom teeth out and with a baby on the way, has had to put it off until January, he’d be there that afternoon to do what he needed to do.

first concrete Then the concrete is poured.  SO EXCITING!

smoothing out concreteThat afternoon the concrete is leveled out, this takes quite some time and is initially done by hand (as above) and then done with a helicopter.

finished slabThat Thursday afternoon we had a completed slab!

It is certainly an adventure, one that I’m very excited to see the next step of!


8 thoughts on “Owner Building: Concrete Slab

  1. It’s great watching your home take place. I can imagine the waiting around to get it started must have seemed like it was never going to happen. I’m sure it won’t be long before the walls go up and then the roof will go on and you’ll be able to have belief that one day, you really will move into your own home xx

  2. You are making me super envious of your house. I can’t wait until we start ours. I don’t think it will happen at lightning speed like yours either. I am loving all the photos of the progress. Not long before you move in. Plus Happy Birthday for last month.

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