Baby Led Weaning: Our Experience

Baby Led WeaningAt our 4 month visit to the Maternal and Child Health Nurse, she asked if we/E was ready for solids.  I shook my head, he had payed no interested to food or us eating, and I was in absolutely no rush to start with solids.

But one morning, he was 4 and a half months old, he reach out, grabbed J’s toast and put it straight into his mouth.  So I cut up some apple and gave him a piece. He loved it.

cheese and appleI had always been adamant that we were going to partake in baby led weaning (BLW), where the baby is given whole foods, generally the same as what the family is eating, and is given the opportunity to learn about textures and learn how to fed themselves.

yoghurt in onsie

broccoliI started by cutting things up small, worried about E choking, but it turns out bigger bits were easier for him to hold and eat.  Steamed broccoli is a favourite, as is roast pumpkin, skin on and in big chunks.

Cauliflower is not loved, the first time he tired it, he gave it a go, after that he would scream when it was put on his tray.

cauliflowerBaby led weaning is messy, I’m ok with that.  I was happy for him to learn about food, be able to try things at his leisure, eat as much or as little as he might want and eventually we’ll give him a spoon.

Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be in our household.  E LOVES FOOD!  And through BLW he just wasn’t able to eat as much food as he needed.  So we’ve decided that for the meantime we will spoon food into his mouth.

bananaI don’t cook specifically for E, every now and again we’ll eat something, soup, something with mashed potatoes, risotto, and I’ll just keep some as left overs for a few days. There’s a few other ideas on my Baby Food and Baby Led Weaning board on Pinterest. 

pea pancakesTo be honest, I really dislike spoon feeding, but it’s what E needs and it’s what he’ll get.  We still give him food to hold and play with, banana, pea pancakes (above), toast with hummus, but we also feed him a couple of dessert spoons of food at each meal time.

roast vegetablesWhat has been your experience with baby food?

12 thoughts on “Baby Led Weaning: Our Experience

  1. Hee hee, so cute. I just realised that I am doing BLW this past week. I have been giving Isla bits straight out of the garden to find she prefers munching (still no teeth) on beans, silverbeet, broccoli and kale. This past week we have been cooking up big chunks of pumpkin skin on, sweetpotato, strawberries and carrots. She loves orange still working on swallowing the food down. Some does go down which is good. Now I am working on how to get pumpkin stains out of clothes naturally as we have a septic system. I might try and give Isla a spoonful of mash over the next few days and see how she goes with it. I just can never tell how hungry she is. Glad you are having fun Clare & so is E by the looks of it.

    1. I have found that putting a little bit of normal laundry liquid directly onto the stain then just putting it in with your regular wash removes pumpkin stains 🙂

    2. Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful experience with food! We do a bit of BLW and a bit of spoon feeding, just so that he gets enough.

  2. I’d be taking that high chair outside and hosing it down. I remember introducing solids and yes, it’s messy. My little guy is 9 and I’m still having to wipe his face after he eats! But at least he’s no longer throwing his food around the room! It sounds like E has a great diet xx

  3. My goodness what a cutie!
    We started with BLW with our youngest and think it’s fabulous. In the end she was such a ravenous eater we had to do a mix of feeding her and BLW, but I think it’s a great way to introduce solids.

  4. Yep babies eating is always messy and it won’t let up in the next year or so! My 15 month old is tackling how to use a spoon himself. We have put a drop sheet/plastic down to protect the floor otherwise it’s just a war zone!
    I think helping your little one with a spoon is totally fine. In my experience if Bubs can’t get enough food in they can get frustrated and put off (temporarily) trying to eat their meal. They do love to explore texture though!

    1. You’re so right. E needs a bit of spooning because he can’t fill himself up enough otherwise, he’s getting better now though.

  5. Jaxon is happy having breastmilk but more and more frequently he’s watching us eat. He’s 15 weeks and started gaining two teeth. When we go at four months to get him weighed I’m going to ask if he can start having bits and pieces to supplement the milk and see how that goes. Especially as he’s quite a big baby for his age (16lbs ish!)

    1. Sounds like you are doing exactly what we did. E was quite happy with breast milk, until all of a sudden, he wasn’t any more.

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