Owner Building: Building Permits

owner building building permitsI’ve had a couple of questions about how we are going with our house, and to be honest I’ve been too frustrated to answer. Not frustrated with the questions, but frustrated with our lack of progress.

Owner building doesn’t seem to be as easy as we initially thought, and since we built the retaining wall, we have been wading through a sea of paper work.

  • We applied for our owner builder permit, from the Victorian Building Authority.  This one was pretty simple, you fill out the form and pay the money.
  • We then had to get our plans finalised.  Our amazing friend L (he made apple cider with J) is a drafts person and designed our plans at mates rates.

With the Owner Builder Permit and the plans, we then had to apply for our building permit.  We have gone with a local building surveyor, rather than going through the council.  Our permit was relatively simple, as we didn’t need any town planing permission, but even still, we needed:

  • a completed building application form (we accessed this through our surveyor).
  • three copies of the completed and accurate plans, generally at 1:100, showing site plan, floor plans, elevations and sections. Must include all construction detail with boundary dimensions, setbacks, site levels; storm water drainage, layout and detail, any car parking and layout of private open space.
  • shadow diagrams – how the new property will cast shadows on the property.
  • three copies of a current Title and the Subdivision Plan.
  • an Energy Rating Report and Stamped Energy Rating plans.
  • three copies of Structural Engineering Plans, Engineering computations and an Engineering Design Certificate (we got this from the gentleman who did our soil report).
  • three copies of said soil report.
  • three copies of the owner builder certificate
  • lighting schedule

It was a long process, but we believe our surveyor now has everything he needs, and we’re keeping out fingers and toes crossed that we get our permit in the next couple of days.


2 thoughts on “Owner Building: Building Permits

  1. Hi Clare,

    We did our owner build from feb 2010 & had final approval in 2012. We did everything ourselves except for plumbing & electrical work. It was a long journey but now that we are finally furnishing it properly & the gardens are starting to settle in, it feels much more like a home and less of a project. Good luck with your journey & my only advice would be to careful and be safe.

    1. Rachel, thanks for taking the time to comment. We’ve had one carpenter building the frame, and we’re helping as much as we can. We’ve got trades coming in all along the way, but also doing as much as we can.

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